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Packing and Shipping Services

Pack and Ship any Size, Shape, Weight and Value 

Gateway Crate and Freight provides mobile, on-site and off-site packing, crating and shipping services to commercial and residential customers. We have the experience and expertise to professionally package, custom crate, pickup, store, move, ship and deliver a wide range of commodities and materials from any place to anywhere.

Professional Packing and Crating Services

The key to any successful shipment is in protecting the items during the move. Correctly packing a box, crate and container or properly palletizing boxes on a skid can be the difference in the product or items being damaged and them arriving safely.

Utilize our custom packing service for your commercial products, household goods or fragile and valuable items. Gateway Crate and Freight is a Veteran owned business and is a member of the Wooden Crates Organization, Customized Logistics and Delivery Association (CLDA) and the International Warehouse Logistics Association (IWLA).

Shipping to any destination from any destination.


Gateway Crate and Freight is a federally licensed Motor Carrier (MC-01023218 DOT-2939118) that performs pickup, delivery and short line haul with our own equipment. Gateway Optimum Transportation is also a licensed Broker (MC-917143 DOT-2638954) we also utilizes an advanced network of transportation providers to ensure we can offer our customers a number of different shipping options. Our Gateway O.T network consists of a multitude of independent short and long haul truck drivers, contracts with Less than Truckload carriers (L.T.L) parcel carriers, Air passenger and Air Cargo carriers, Ocean Lines and Rail companies.

International or domestic shipping for residential and commercial customers. We have experience in trucking full truckloads and partial loads called L.T.L shipments as well as standard parcel shipping with the U.S. Postal Service (U.S.P.S), United Parcel Service (U.P.S), Federal Express (FedEx) and a number of regional parcel distributors. 

Need your shipment there fast? Try our Air Freight services. Want to save a little money and in no rush? Gateway Crate and Freight can ship ocean cargo containers as well as partial ocean shipments called L.C.L  as well as rail freight and intermodal shipping.
Gateway Crate and Freight has a pack and ship facility in multiple locations across the U.S.  If you have any questions or need help with packing, moving or shipping send us an email or give us a call toll free at 1-855-474-4685.

Telephone Booth Kiosks Crated Shipped to Serbia
These telephone booths are actually public kiosks computer kiosks. Used at an airport or train station, these booths can be used to hop into and get your laptop out and do some work with the help of a little noise reduction.

Gateway was tasked with picking up, packing, creating custom crates and shipping these units to Serbia.

A VCI wrap (Blue Shrink wrap) was used to protect the electrical components (lighting, electrical outlets) during ocean freight shipping. Polypropylene foam was used to protect the units in the crates.

Custom wood crates were used for shipping these large units. The palletized base on the crates helped with the loading and unloading and with blocking and bracing in the container. 

If you have a unique project where you need to move/pack/ship large valuable fragile items going overseas give us a call to discuss your options. 855-474-4685.

Gateway Crate and Freight is an IPPC certified WPM Export Facility.
F-18 Model Plane Crate and Pack Expo
F18 Model Plane Pack and Ship
This 8 foot long model airplane is the centerpiece of our clients Trade Show presentation. They were looking for a reusable crate that could be used for each time they needed to ship this plane to the next expo.

We designed a cradle housing for the plane that allowed the bulk of the pressure to be on the fuselage which is the sturdiest part of the model. The cradle took pressure off the landing gear and allowed the plane to sit in foam while strapped with Velcro.

The Velcro holds the plane into position as well as the wings which come off the plane and are also safely placed on foam and Velcro strapped to the floor.

Cradle holding system was designed so that there was only one way for the plane to be placed back into the crate for the return home. The wings also have only one way each will fit back under the plane inside the sheet foam and Velcro straps.

The finished product is a fully cleated crate that includes two separate pieces for the top and reinforced sidewalls with extra 1x4 cleating. 

If you need trade show displays or items to easily ship and return back home give us a call to provide a free quote for your custom crating and packing needs 855-474-4685

ISPM-15 Mat Wood Crates to Singapore  
Lab Data Table Crate and Ship
A lab facility was closed down and its machinery and assets needed to be sent to its other facilities around the world. We crated and packed 37 different large, heavy but delicate machinery pieces for destinations like Singapore, Taiwan and Vietnam.

When crating and packing, it is important to remember that all W.P.M (Wood Packing Material) must meet international certification standards. The WPM for all materials is regulated by the IPPC. All W.P.M must be Heat Treated, Kiln Dried or fumigated with Methyl Bromide. 

To ensure compliance, each country issues a certification number to each facility the meets the standards of the IPPC and then is authorized to make crates and provide packing in compliance with these international regulations. Gateway Crate and Freight is a certified facility (License US-20468).

This series of pictures is the packing, wrapping, blocking, bracing and crating of a table and lab equipment going to Singapore. We take great care in the pickup, packing, crating and shipping of all valuable equipment in our care.

You need to ship International? Do you need to properly protect your items shipping out of the country via air or ocean, give our experts a call 480-966-0795 or toll free 855-474-4685.

Computer Data Servers Crate Pack and Ship 
Computer server shipping
Computer and data processing equipment requires the right packaging especially when the equipment carries live data.

Gateway Crate and Freight has crated, packed and shipped numerous data processing devices. Including entire data warehouses and call centers.

This was a smaller job but important none the less. These 6 data servers had to be packed to sufficiently protect the data. We use E.S.D wrap, it prevents Electrostatic Discharge from damaging the computer drives. E.S.D occurs during shipping when packaging rubs on exposed metal connected to the circuit boards in the computer.

We used 2" and 1" T-Lam foam to reduce vibration during transport. Shipping on Air Ride equipped trailers makes a difference too in protecting sensitive equipment.

Our shipping services always take into account how a package should ride. We always want to use the appropriate equipment to get the job done right.

If you have computer data equipment you need picked up packed and shipped give us a call for a free estimate.     
Bronze Statue Crate Pack and Ship  
Bronze Statue Crating
Gateway Crate and Freight has been packing and shipping a number of Bronze statues lately: Horses, an eagle and this patriotic bronze statue all this week. 

We take great pride in packing and blocking and bracing these works of art, although the bronze itself is pretty sturdy some of the marble and wood bases and connections can be fragile due to the weight and size of the piece.

That's why we use plenty of t-lam Foam under and around the base. The one inch gray foam you see under the base absorbs the vibration in transit. We then fit the base into a 2" T-Lam foam to secure the wood/marble base into place while providing a soft strong cushion.

The bronze is then held into place with some foam padded 2 X 4's. This secures the bronze in place while shipping, holding the base in the foam and preventing the bronze from touching the sides of the crate. 

We run a 1 X 4 stapled cleating around the plywood to give it a firm lock for all the walls. We always palletize bottom our crates to ensure that the crate can easily be moved by material handling equipment.   

This artist brings all of his statues to us, he knows that his hard work is well protected. He also relies on us to ship his items. We have shipped his statues across the country and around the world. 

If you have one of a kind statuary or a valuable piece of art, give one of our art packing and shipping experts a call to get a free quote. We ensure shipping success by crating, packing and shipping your items above and beyond carrier specifications.
Personal Effects to Kuwait
We packed, crated and shipped these Personal Effects to Kuwait. This included clothes, camera and laptop among other things. The process of moving personal effects worldwide is not a problem but you have to make sure you have a very detailed inventory list of the items you are shipping.

The key to keeping down the cost of any International shipment is the size. Gateway Crate and Freight makes every effort to pack items so that they are protected and secured from each other, while trying to create the smallest footprint possible.

This shipment was less than 1 CBM and weighed 137 Kilos. Its footprint in inches was 28 X 45 X 40 all the items wrapped, boxed and then stacked and the crate pallet bottom. Its like playing Tetris, making all the items fit into the best configuration possible.

Once we like our size we shrink wrap the boxes together, in this instance we applied a V.C.I plastic wrap around the shipment before attaching the walls of the crate. Needing Packing for Household Goods going out of the country? Give us a call 855-474-4685.
Paintings Crate Pack and Ship
Painting in Glass Shipping
We professionally package, crate and ship many pieces of artwork over the course of a year. In terms of quantity, framed oil paintings (in glass or just canvas), are the most requested artwork item we are asked to protect.

In this shipment we had both a glass and canvas painting shipping together. The owner of the artwork wanted the best protection for these works of art. We picked up, packed, custom crated and shipped these paintings to their new home.

For all glass covered paintings we apply a cross of masking tape adhered to the glass. In case the glass breaks or cracks the masking tape is there to keep the glass together, its if the glass starts to separate, that damage like scratching can occur to the painting. So the tape is more of an added level of protection for the painting.

We bubble wrapped and shrink wrapped this painting after the masking tape was applied to the glass. Although these paintings were riding on foam, the bubble and shrink wrap combination helped add more protection to the painting and glass frame.

We also added a custom cut piece of cardboard to the back to keep the hanging wire from puncturing or damaging the canvas, although this is the back, the wire without this separation could end up penetrating the canvas and damage the front if left without protection.

The paintings are then crated with 1" EPS foam (Polystyrene) between each one and around the crate. Gateway Crate and Freight uses an EPE foam (Polyethylene) for the top and bottom. The difference is in the way the foams protect items like glass.

You need a more flexible foam that reduces shock and vibration on the bottom and top which you get from the EPE. On the sides you want the paintings to stay firm in position so we utilized the EPE.

Many Galleries and Artists rely on Gateway Crate and Freight to pickup, pack, crate and ship their valuable paintings. Give us a call for a free quote.

We ensure Professional Packing and Economical Shipping for:
      • commercial/retail products
      • one of a kind pieces and artwork
      • estate items family heirlooms/furniture
      • china, glassware and pottery
      • taxidermy, statues
      • automobiles, motorcycles and auto parts
      • industrial equipment medical/restaraunt/construction
      • domestic and international moving
VCI Wrap
2 of the 5 Kiosks being wrapped
Foam wrap
Foam added for protection
Crates ISPM-15
1 of the 3 crates ready to ship
F18 Plane Crate
F18 Cradled and Strapped in Crate
Foam and Velco Holds
Foam and Velcro Holds
Reusable crates
Finished reusable crate
Machinery crating
Table and Lab Items secured n wrapped
Shipping Crates
Full crate block and brace
Shipping Export Crates
Full Crate and Added Boxes to Ship
Foam Packaging Computer Equipment
Foam Wrap Data Servers
Packing computer peripherals
Packed peripherals safely with servers
Crating computer parts
Computer Servers Crated to Ship
Statue Shipping
Foam packing bracing of base
Block and brace statue packing
Block and brace Statue down
Statue Shipping
Fully crated statue ready to ship
VCI Wrap
VCI Wrap

We G.O.T. you covered for all of your packing and shipping needs