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Auto Parts Pack and Ship

Auto Parts Shipping
Whether you are shipping an engine, hood, door, quarterpanel or an entire car we can help. We have the experience and expertise to ensure your Automotive items are packed and shipped appropriately to get to where the parts are needed.

Auto Body Parts

Auto Body Parts are prized items for people in the east and midwest where moisture destroys and rusts out many parts to older vehicles. Restoring an old car or truck in need of a fender, hood or wheel well is easy when you find the right part, finding it is half the battle, now you need it packed and shipped to make it without damage to your location.

Engines and Transmissions

Engines and Transmissions also need great packaging. Correctly blocking and bracing an engine block to not crush its oil pan or to ensure it does not roll is important to protect your item in transit. Gateway will ensure your engine or transmission is cradled and secured to ensure succesful delivery.

Packing and Shipping Auto Parts

Gateway Crate and Freight can pick up, pack and ship your automotive parts to anywhere in the U.S , Canada, Mexico and Internationally.

Chassis (Truck)
Ever need a 16' Truck Chassis shipped?

Gateway designs custom cradles and pallets/crates for our clients that need specialized oversized items safely packed and shipped.

We have custom packed and shipped a number of these chassis across the country and around the world. These long pieces require a custom sized pallet, a cradle that holds the item in place, banding and packing of the accessories onto the pallet.

 If you have a need to have larger Auto body parts like this chassis to be packed and shipped give us a call, we do this stuff all the time. 

Tires and Rims
For the last couple of years we have had a client who we custom palletize and ship once a month between 12-24 tires to Hawaii.

These tires are stacked on a custom pallet, wrapped and banded (metal banding) down to the pallet to ensure easy shipping since this is traveling by both truck and ocean container. Need some sets of tires shipped? Give us a call 480-363-0304
All Chrome Pieces for a 1960 Cadillac
Auto Crating
When you need over 100 pieces of chrome off of a 1960 Cadillac packed and shipped safely give us a call. We just did it. 

Many of these chrome pieces are curved to fit the body of that model. Of utmost importance in packing these pieces was to ensure protection against bending or denting the lighter custom fitted pieces.

To protect these items we decided to create a shelf crate to separate the larger heavier items from the smaller fragile items. The larger pieces were foam and bubble wrapped and placed in the bottom portion of the crate.

A shelf was then built on top of those pieces to pack the medium sized and medium weighted pieces. We used sheet foam and shrink wrap to protect the items placing them on the shelf to limit movement and to protect the pieces from each other.

A top shelf was then built above this to house the pieces that were the most fragile and had the most curves. These pieces were wrapped in sheet foam from end to end to provide cushioning and to keep the items in place. 

This design was the Optimum way to keep the heavy items away from the lighter more fragile items and this design helped keep our dimensions of this shipment down to save on shipping. Read our blog about dimensional freight pricing here.

For more information on how we crate, pack and ship automotive parts visit our automotive page. We have crated, packed and shipped race engines, transmissions, wheels and rims, and now over 100 pieces of chrome for a 1960 Cadillac.

When you need to ensure your items are packed and shipped securely and afford ably call Gateway Crate and Freight 480-966-0795. Check out our automotive page for more info.
Engine Pack and Ship
Gateway Crate and Freight packs and ships automobile engines and motor parts pretty regularly. This engine was dropped off at our warehouse to ship as is (picture to left). We recommended that this engine be secured much better and packed correctly before shipping.

We built a solid plywood bottom (Top pic to the right) to the pallet and built a block and brace system to hold the engine in place during shipment. Strapping was also used to hold the engine in place on the pallet.

There is a big difference between the way the customer was going to ship the engine and the way it ended up leaving our warehouse. It was at high risk of being damaged just strapped to a pallet. Our package design for the engine made it much safer to ship to its new owner.

Gateway Crate and Freight also shrink wrapped the entire engine and its banded block and brace system just to add one more level of security and protection.

A custom box was created and it too was secured down to the pallet. Many times boxing an item helps reduce its freight class and helps save you money on shipping.

Ask one of our pack and ship professionals the most secure and economical way to pack and ship your engine. We can offer you advise and suggestions that could save you money and avert damage to your shipment.
Car Hood
Custom Car Hood Pack and Ship
We packed and shipped this custom hood for a rally car. We designed a custom pallet and box to ensure its safety as it shipped from Arizona to North Carolina. 

The packing on this job was pretty simple but only had to protect the hood from getting bent during transport and eliminating any issues with scratching of the finish. These issues were solved by utilizing foam sheeting between the box and the hood body.

A slat crate was built to protect the hood from any pallet, box or shipment that may be placed on top of the box so as not to damage the hood.

This packing method was effective and the hood arrived in perfect condition and saved the customer money over fully crating the item.
Truck Cab 
Shipping Auto Body Parts is our specialty. We ship for some of the best names in Motorsports and for a number of Quality Salvage yards all across Arizona.

This Truck Cab was shipped to California for roll bars to be installed and then to Maine where this cab will be fully restored and used as an off road truck.

Gateway Crate and Freight also shipped a number of the parts for this restoration in a slat crate. A slat crate is a less expensive packing method than a full crate that provides a wood frame box of protection.

The shipment to the right involved us palletizing, strapping and bracing down fenders, a bumper and hood with various other auto parts for restoration of a Honda Civic.
This show transmission had to be secured to the pallet and a crate built around it to ensure this transmission arrives in perfect condition.

Gateway Crate and Freight began by securing the transmission to the pallet by blocking and bracing the bottom and banding the top.

Although we ship all automotive shipments without any fluids in them we shrink wrapped them to keep dust and particles out.

A full box crate was built around this transmission and it was shipped over 1000 miles to its new owner.

This transmission was sold on eBay, We specialize in eBay store sale shipments of all types of auto body parts. 

These Rally Car windshields were packed, crated and shipped to Poland. 

We used a foam protection roll around the outside of the glass. shrink wrapped with more foam and blocked and braced in this custom ISPM-15 certified crate.

Gateway Crate and Freight has the ability to pack, crate and ship any type of auto part regardless of size, shape or how fragile or valuable it is, to most anywhere in the world.

Give us a call today 480-363-0304
Pallet Band and Wrap Tires
Tires Rims Wrapped Banded Palletized
Auto Parts Packing
Wrap and Pack Large Heavy pieces first
Crate Auto Parts
Medium size less heavy pieces wrapped and packed
Auto Parts Shipping
small curved fragile pieces last
Engine Pallet
Plywood Bottom Blocked Braced Strapped
Engine Shipping
Shrink wrapped engine added protection
Engine boxed to ship
Engine boxed and ready to ship
Full Slat Crate
Slat Crate for the Hood. Ready to Ship
Auto Parts Strapped Banded
Auto Parts Strapped
Hood mounted on Pallet
Hood Mounted above Auto parts
Hood boxed and Banded
Hood boxed and Banded to skid
Auto Parts Shrink Wrapped
Auto Parts Shrink wrapped ready to ship
Auto Parts we have Packed and Shipped:


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