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Trade Show Custom Crates and Logistics

Protect your expo materials

Many companies sell and market their products at Trade Shows and Expositions. The booths, materials and products a company takes to a show need to look like they were produced and put on the showroom floor just a few minutes ago. Anything less than a flawless display may cost you customers and sales.

Marketing and sales of your products at a number of trade shows throughout the year can represent a significant investment of both time and money. Most problems that arise in regards to trade show displays have to do with damage of important materials that occurs during shipping, set-up, storage or dismantling.

Protect your investment and ensure success with our custom made reusable crates. Gateway Crate and Freight will design and create a reusable traveling crate that is made specifically for your trade show displays and materials.

Trade Show Ease of Use

We understand the distinct needs of the trade show and exhibition market. Easy to access, transport and store while at the same time providing the utmost protection to all of your materials during storage, moving and shipping.

Our High Quality reusable trade show crates are designed for the specific needs of our customers. Utilizing casters, hinged doors, locks and handles, customizing interiors by creating compartments, drawers and stable shelving and protecting your materials with padding, cushioning and foam in place options we can create the perfect trade show crate for you. 


We don’t just build a crate we include a complete instruction guide for the logistics involved for your specific traded show. Take items out to setup, you will know where they go back in the crate when you are done. We build our trade show crates to last. Strong and sturdy and intelligently designed to assist you in making your next trade show and the one after that and the one after that and so on… a success!

Arizona packing and crating services for your Expo materials.

Crate and Ship Bumblebee Transformer for Trade Show
Transformer Bumblebee Trade Show
This Transformer (Bumblebee) weighs over 1000 lbs when all put together. Gateway Crate and Freight was hired to disassemble, pickup, crate, pack and ship this 8 ft tall solid metal parts statue for use as a display at a trade show.

We designed a reusable crate and simple packing (Blankets shrink wrapped around each piece) to make it easy to handle an already difficult, large, heavy and awkward pieced item, for the people at the Expo.

The blanket wrap packaging helps to protect the finish and paint on Bumblebee and helps protect the crate from the metal of the transformer. After the trade show the blankets and packaging will be reused to return the transformer to us.

We also did not want the items to shift during shipping. Some foam padded 2 X 4 blocking and bracing was added (second pic) to keep the items secure and in place.

Removable walls on this crate makes it easier for the staff at the trade show to unload and move the heavy pieces into place and to reload the pieces into place for the shipment back.

This is a cool item and we feel privileged that the owner trusted us with the end to end logistics management of this job. Have something to ship cooler than a transformer? Contact us today! 480-966-0795
Expo Trade Show Crates
Expo Crate Shipping
Trade Shows and Exhibitions are important to a companies growth and a primary way to connect your products with distributors and consumers. 

We have a number of clients who rely on Gateway Crate and Freight to provide reusable functional crates for their shows.

These crates are used to protect exhibit materials traveling from show to show around the country. These 2 crates are for the Comic Con Conventions and house supplies and tools to create masks and mannequins.

We were tasked with designing 2 reusable crates, one of which had to accommodate a 7' tall mannequin along with over-sized props. Both crates were designed with hinged doors and two butterfly latches on each to allow for sealing the crate shut. A draw latch was added to the middle of the doors to allow them to be locked with a padlock while in transit.

Trade Show Logistics is handled by Gateway Optimum Transportation contracts. We have trade show logistics freight contracts at a discounted rate with a number of providers so it allows us to utilize different methods of transportation for our crates to and from trade shows.

This flexibility allows us to offer our clients economical rates and better control of their freight. The timing for Trade show freight both pickup and delivery are crucial and Gateway provides a dedicated representative to track, trace and ensure timely pickup and delivery of your essential materials.

Constant communication between Gateway and show expo coordinators and freight carriers are essential for success. If you plan on attending a trade show or exposition give our experienced and dependable team a call. 

Whether you need reusable trade show crates or just the transportation coordination for your next trade show give our expo specialists a call at 480-966-0795. Check out our trade show page for more info 

Trade Show Logistics

Every trade show has its own unique challenges when it comes to delivery schedules, setup times and packup. We understand the importance of communication and scheduling to ensure your trade show materials arrive O.T (on time) this is important because there are many other people relying on a timely shipment.

The delivery company has to work with the exhibition dispatcher who works with the marshaling yard who works with the dock who may then turn it over to a I&D Contractor who then has to work with the empty crate expo holding area and then everyone has to work together again when the trade show is over. On-time is very important at expositions.

Trust Gateway O.T to safely and securely deliver and pickup your trade show materials on time and on budget.  

Blanket Wrap shipping
Blanket Wrapped Pieces
crate block and brace
Bloack and Brace pieces to keep down movement in the crate
Expo crate shipping
Ready to ship to Trade Show
Trade Show Crate
Trade Show Crate Packed
Reusable Crate
Reusable Crate Hinged And Lockable
Trade Show Crate Shipping
Trade Show Crate ready to ship
Exposition Hall
Trade Shows Serviced by Gateway 2016
  • CES
  • ABC Kids Expo
  • ComicCon
  • SEMA
  • Market Decor
  • GIS Education
Top 10 Trade Shows
CES Consumer Electronics Show
1. International Consumer Electronics Show
Las Vegas, NV 

2. IMTS - International Manufacturing Technology Show
Chicago, IL

3. International Gift and Home Furnishings Market JAN
Atlanta, GA

4. Pack Expo International
Chicago, IL

5.  International Gift and Home Furnishings Market JUL
Atlanta, GA

6. NBAA National Business Aviation Association
Orlando, FL

7. SEMA Specialty Equipment Market Association
Las Vegas, NV

8. Magic Marketplace
Las Vegas, NV

9.  NPE SPI The Plastics Industry Trade Association

10. RECon  International Council of Shopping Centers.


We G.O.T. you coved for all of your Trade Show Crating and Logistics needs