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The cardboard box is the most common packaging container and is used to market, store and ship all types of goods. The cardboard box is the most versatile and inexpensive way to contain goods because they are light weight and come in many sizes and strengths.

Below are custom Large Boxes we make out of sheet cardboard. Typically a box is a container but in many instances a box is used simply as a cover. In these examples our large items are strapped down to pallets. The cardboard cover is used to identify if anything moved or struck our freight in transit. Without a cardboard cover there is no proof of how a scratch, dent or damage occurred to your item because there is no packaging around the freight.


In most cases, boxes should be professionally packaged as well. The Gateway Operations Team has the experience and the expertise to ensure your boxes are professionally packaged with the right quality and quantity of packaging materials to protect your valuables from the hazards of transportation. Some of your valuables are suited for cardboard boxes while others are not. Let our professional packaging staff help you determine what’s best for your moving, shipping and storage situation.

We supply and deliver all sizes of boxes and packing supplies. 

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Custom Box and Pallet for Glass Deli Case
Custom Box Deli Case
Well when you have a Deli Case that is Glass, Glass and More Glass, you have to be sure it is properly packaged and protected for transit, especially if that case is traveling by truck over 1800 miles.

Gateway Crate and Freight has the experience and expertise to ensure your Glass deli case arrives in perfect condition. 

For the packing and shipping for this we built a custom base for the Glass display case and blocked and braced it with 2x4s so the case couldn't move on the skid.

We foam wrapped the glass with sheets after applying strapping tape and then surrounded the glass case with a 1" Foam Board. A custom box was made to cover the entire Deli case and hold the foam board in place to protect this fragile piece.

Shipping from Arizona to Wisconsin, we had to ensure that this glass deli- case would arrive without damage. Our client is happy with the delivery and you will be too if you call us and let us pack and ship your next fragile and valuable item.

12 Foot Salad Bar to Pack and Ship
Salad Bar Pack and Ship
Gateway Crate and Freight specializes in making custom sized boxes for any item. The most economical way to ship large items is to palletize and box them for safe transportation.

The custom box to the right was made for two end tables. Items are kept safe during transportation in boxes that are custom made. Problems occur many times when people try to ship items in boxes that just are not the right size.

We ensure there is an appropriate amount of packing material around all sides of the item when we ship whether shipping parcel, air freight, truck, rail or ocean.

No matter the size or shape or weight of your item we can wrap, bubble, band and protect your item for transport. We have made some pretty big boxes. How do you ship a full size 12 ft salad bar from Arizona to Florida? Call us we have already done that!

The palletized custom box for a salad bar is the next picture on the right. We made a custom pallet and box to ensure this salad bar was transported across the U.S with no problem. 

This salad bar included an all glass top guard that was packed carefully. The base was blocked and braced and the entire salad bar was banded down to the pallet to ensure it stayed in place.

We stock regular sized boxes as well. If you need boxes or shipping supplies like peanuts and foam blocks contact us today, we may have what you need at at a price you can afford.

Gateway crate and freight buys packing supplies in bulk at a discount and passes the savings on to you. Call 480-966-0795 today  
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