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Gateway Shipping Services to Alaska and Hawaii


Gateway Crate and Freight has packed and shipped numerous items for commercial and residential customers to the Hawaiian islands and Alaska.

With ocean and air cartage companies servicing Alaska and Hawaii now requiring items to be professionally packaged prior to acceptance for shipment, our professional packing services have become more and more important. We have seen a big increase in items tendered to us for packaging prior to shipment to Alaska and Hawaii.

Artwork, Household goods and industrial machinery has been brought to us for proper packing and shipping. Our secure and economical options for packing which includes boxing, palletizing and crating works well for many of the items people need to move to Hawaii and Alaska.

Our shipping volume has helped us become an economical option for freight moving to and from Alaska and Hawaii. We have well established relationships and discounts with the major ocean and air carriers that service the Hawaii islands and Alaska.

If you are moving to Hawaii or Alaska you need to understand how rates work for these moves. The most important factor is space. How much CBM (Cubic meters) of space your shipment will take up this applies whether your materials are traveling ocean cargo or air freight. 

We can ship both LCL (Less than Container Load) which means your items will fit in an area less than a full 20' shipping container or less than a 40' shipping container. If you have a lot of items to ship you may want a FCL (Full container load), this is where your stuff and only your stuff will be put in the container.

Another factor to consider when pricing is that your items have to be trucked to the port. It is sometimes best to crate and or palletize your materials, ship them truck to the port where they are then consolidated into a container for shipping to Hawaii or Alaska.

Most Alaska Freight moves by ocean as well. The majority of our shipments have been trucked to the ports of Tacoma, WA or Seattle, WA and then containerized for shipment to the closest ocean port in Alaska where it is unloaded and trucked to the recipient.

So keep size and weight in mind when planning on shipping to Alaska and Hawaii.

Roof Rack to Alaska
Roof Rack Pack and Ship
Our client was so excited to get his roof rack he sent us a picture of the rack on his truck thanking us for getting it to him in the small town of Craig outside of Ketchikan, Alaska.

He purchased the roof rack from a guy in Scottsdale, we helped him take it off his truck here at the warehouse. Once we got it in we had to think about the safest way for the rack to travel.

If we box it as it sits on the top of a truck we have a very low box that takes up a lot of room. Also is a prime candidate for the Land LTL carrier or the ocean carrier to place another shipment on top of it.

We designed our custom box to hold the roof rack up and down making the pallet long and skinny and virtually impossible to place any weight on top of it. Gateway Crate and Freight puts a lot of thought into our packaging and is based on how an item will ship. 

For example if this was going air freight rather than inter modal (truck and ocean) our packaging design would have been different.

Remember when shipping to Alaska your items will ship on a freight truck to Seattle or Tacoma and will then be shipped by ocean to your port in Alaska it will then be delivered via truck from the port to your business or house, unless you prefer to pickup at the port, also picking up at the port can reduce the cost of your shipment. 

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Airliner throttle to Hawaii
Pack and ship Hawaii
When packing and shipping commercial or residential goods to Hawaii its important to determine how the item can ship first before determining how to pack it. This was an air freight shipment so unlike our shipment above to Alaska that went ocean we wanted to pack this for air freight transport.

Air transport is a pretty safe method for shipping in terms of packing and shipping. In this case we had to wrap and foam the gears to ensure they didn't break off, we then secured the throttle in a box that was taped inside the shipping box so the item could not tumble around, this also was beneficial in the amount of corrugate to protect the throttle.

Custom packing also helps with creating a safe and economical container for shipping since air freight is charged based on size and dimensions.

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Pack and Ship to Alaska
Roof Rack to Pack and Ship
Custom Box to Alaska
Custom Box
Packing shipment for Alaska
Wrapped Banded Ready to Ship to AK
Air Freight to Hawaii
Custom Box and Foam support
Air Shipment to Hawaii
Box to Ship to Hawaii
Gateway Crate and Freight  has you covered for all your packing and shipping needs to Hawaii and Alaska