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Canada Shipping

Gateway OT Canada Shipping Services


Gateway Crate and Freight provides shipping services from the United States to Canada. We can ship Parcel, LTL, Truckload, Air and Rail, with years of experience shipping into and out of Canada Gateway Optimum Transportation has you covered.

Some Notes from our experiences shipping Northbound (U.S to Canada)

Always know the customs broker and have their contact information on documents BEFORE shipping. When shipping to Canada from the U.S ask your customer who is their customs broker. Most Canadians have experience purchasing items from the U.S and have a broker they use. Providing the broker information prior to shipment allows the carrier to report your shipment via the PARS system Pre Arrival Review System which will allow your freight to clear customs sometimes before it even arrives.

Gateway O.T has a quality brokerage partner into Canada. Pacific Customs Broker a Canadian based firm that provides our recommended clients with a discount off of their published clearance fees can be utilized when shipping with us. The customer in Canada will simply have to fill out a Power of Attorney form and again be responsible for paying the duty and tax.

We have had many U.S exporters requesting to pay the duties and taxes for their customer into Canada and unless you have NRI status (Non-Resident Importer) the recipient must use their Canadian Tax ID number for the Tax.

If you ship very frequently to Canada an NRI is a great option if you want to provide your customers with seamless delivered price to their door. Ask a Gateway O.T professional if an NRI account is right for your business.

It is recommended to always have a packing slip for your shipment.

When shipping Truck, LTL, Air or Rail you must have a Bill of Lading (Again include the customs brokers name and number on this document).

You must also have a Commercial Invoice if the shipment value is over $1600 CDN).

Other items that may be required is a NAFTA Certificate of Origin. If your goods are manufactured in The U.S, Canada or Mexico, you will want to submit this document so you get preferential duty treatment on your shipment.

A Certificate of Origin may be required for items that were not manufactured in the NAFTA zone.

Some shipment may require the following:

S.E.D Shipper Export Declaration

Import Export License (regulated goods)

Customs Bond (T&E Transportation and Exportation)

Give Gateway O.T a call and let us help you navigate your freight to your Canadian customers.  

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