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Aerospace Crating Packing Shipping Services

Aerospace Crates and Packing
Gateway Crate and Freight has many clients in the Aerospace Industry and we have had the privilege of crating, packing and shipping many valuable aircraft parts destined to locations all around the world. 

Aerospace Parts

We have crated, packed and shipped Airliner cowls, ailerons, wings, seats, doors, landing gear, engines, APUs, instrumentation panels, throttles and even an entire cockpit. We are the approved crating vendor for a number of Airline parts companies. Gateway Crate and Freight has the experience and expertise to pack, crate and ship your aerospace parts to anywhere in the world from your facility.  

Packing and Shipping Aerospace Parts

Gateway Crate and Freight can pick up, pack and ship your aerospace parts from our facilities to anywhere in the U.S , Canada, Mexico and Internationally via Ocean or Air Freight.

Our Seattle, WA facility sits right in the middle of many Aerospace assembly and M.R.O companies and our Chandler, AZ facility has serviced many of the Airline Aftermarket supply chain companies in the valley for a number of years.  

Elevator (Wing) Crates
We have had to custom pack and crate numerous ailerons, as well as many other (Wing) parts such as Empennage (Tails), Flaps, Slats and Spoilers.

The particular parts pictured here we custom packed and crated together to maximize protection. The customer wanted to ensure the most economical means of packing and shipping these. We were able to provide full service pickup, pack, crate and shipping services.

These ISPM-15 Certified Export crates were loaded into our 26' Box Truck and taken to the port of Los Angeles for export. Check out our crating page for more info about the different custom crate types we offer.

Gateway Crate and Freight can provide you a free estimate on the large aerospace products you need protected during shipment.

Call us for a free price quote today 855-474-4685

Door and Fuselage section
Fuselage Door Shipping
When you have a large cutout of a fuselage that contains the door of an airliner you need a good size crate. The base of this crate is a 2X6 over 4X4 construction and all ISPM-15 HT KD material because this door is being exported.
If the customer just wants the door why is part of the fuselage being shipped as well? Well the door is the important part, but so is all the necessary wiring and connectors that control the door, all of that is housed in the structure of the fuselage and the customer needs that as well so they just cut the whole section out.

Gateway Crate and Freight provides quality crating and block and brace services for over-sized, valuable cargo that needs specialized handling to move from one place to another.

The crate is important but securing the freight inside the crate, especially when its an odd shaped, heavy piece like this, requires expertise in blocking, bracing and banding items so that they are secure.

The second picture down to the right demonstrates how one corner is secured to the base, the item is heavy and doesn't want to move much anyway, but securing each part of this fuselage is important to ensure its safe delivery tot he customer.

After the item is secure to the base the walls are added and some additional bracing from the top is added as well. If you have over-sized aerospace parts you need to pack, crate and ship give us a call 480-966-0795. 
Airliner Seats to Air Freight
Pack Crate Air Seats
Some of the smaller items we have been asked to pack, crate and ship are not all that small and in big numbers take up a lot of room on an aircraft, like these seats. Our client needed to air freight two seats to a customer in Dubai, these are the seats.

The first thing to consider when packing items for air freight is size. Air freight rates are determined by how much space you take up in a cargo hold on a plane, weight is a determining factor as well, but in this case the way the are packed and the size of space they take up is important.

Gateway Crate and Freight determined that we could safely pack and ship these chairs reversed on top of each other and minimize the dimensions of the shipment. This saved our client a lot of money on shipping cost.

The bottom seat is securely mounted to the base of the crate, the other chair is placed on top with some foam protection and they are then shrink wrapped together.

The runners on this crate in the last picture are single 2X4s and although on most crates this would be doubled up so that a pallet jack can fit under it, for an air freight shipment only using a single allows you to reduce the overall size (what you are getting charged for freight) and in most cases works better in an air cargo system when these crates are put on loading rollers.

Because these were shipping to Dubai we utilized ISPM-15 materials for this crate. Got smaller Aerospace parts to pack and ship for export? We have the experience and expertise to get the job done.

Airliner Cowl Crate
Airliner Cowl Crate
There many many parts to an airliner and many of them, because they need to be aerodynamic in the air, are difficult to secure to pack and ship. 

This airliner cowl is one of those items. They come in many sizes but for this particular one we built a custom crate and pallet base to allow easy banding to the base.

This ISPM-15 certified materials crate is export ready. Gateway crate and freight has securely crated and shipped a number of airline cowls for shipment to overseas destinations. 

We are not experts on how a cowl is used in the air but we do know they are used as a covering and a way to cool engines on aircraft. But on the ground and as an aircraft part we have the experience and expertise to pack, crate and ship these anywhere in the world. 

With clients who specialize in selling aircraft parts big and small, we have had the opportunity to crate many different types of aerospace parts.

Although a cowl is built to withstand high velocity winds its aerodynamic properties require that the metal not be dinged or bent so proper packing of these items for long voyages overseas is important.

If you are in the aerospace industry and you are looking for quality crating and packing services for your parts give us a call. We are an IPPC certified crating facility and offer on site crating services 480-966-0795
737 Cockpit Crate Export
Cockpit Crate
Our November shipment of the month was for a client that regularly ships airplane parts with us. This time it was a lot of parts all in one, an entire intact cock pit of a 737.exporting overseas from the Tucson airport.

The crate measured 124X96X98 and was supported by a 2X6, 4X4 constructed base. The cockpit was secured in the crate by metal banding through the windows and down through the floor to the 2X6 Planks. Additional 2X4s were utilized to block and brace this heavy item in the crate.
The IPPC certified crate pieces (ISPM15 material is either Heat Treated or Kin Dried to meet International regulations in regards to wood packing materials) were cut at our facility and then transported and assembled at the Tucson airport.
The most important aspect of crating a large item such as this is to ensure it can't move in the crate when it gets lifted by a forklift or hoist system. Also the construction needs to support the weight of the item.

We have built larger crates than this, however the size of a crate is not as important as the weight distribution and support needed to accommodate the item. As always Gateway Crate and Freight takes great care to ensure proper crate construction for the item you are shipping. 

We always take into account how your shipment is shipping, truck, ltl, ocean, rail or air and where it is shipping too, so we can provide the exact crate you need at a price you can afford.

So, if you happen to have a section of a 737 you need crated and shipped or exported out of the country give us a call at 480-966-0795 we will be happy to assist you in getting the job done.
Long Pallet Base
Strong Platform Base for long Crate (Bottom View)
Aerospace Crate
Top View Elevator Crate
4 Way Crate
4 Way Access Crate for long Aerline Elevator
Custom Pallet
Custom Base for Crating
Block Brace Banding
Securing Frame to Pallet Band Block Brace
Air Door Ready to Ship
Air Door Ready to Ship
Packing Seats
Secured on crate base and wrapped
Crate Export
Secure in Crate and Wrapped
Air Freight Crate
Seats Crated ready to Air Freight
Custom Crate Cowl
Custom Pack Palletize Cowl
Crate Airline Parts
Cowl in Crate
Crate Shipping
Crate ready to ship
Crate Aerospace
Loading Cockpit into Crate
Aerospace Crating
Block and Brace in Crate
Full wood crate Aerospace
Crated Shipping to Switzerland

We G.O.T. you coved for all of your Aerospace Crate, Packing and Shipping needs