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Ensure your estate items are picked up, packed, stored, and safely shipped to any destination.


The loss of someone close is a very difficult and emotional time and dealing with estate issues can be draining. Let the courteous and mindful professionals at Gateway OT manage the distribution of your estate valuables from door to door and give yourself the time you need to attend to the other important matters in your life . 

The Estate distribution specialists. We have handled large and small distributions through the years.

Cabinet Custom Pack and Ship (Estate Distribution)

Estate Shipping
It is a sad time when someone passes away, we have to at times work with clients when they are emotional about the loved ones they lost or how to deal with the things they have left behind.

We have worked on a number of estate distributions where items that are not all that valuable monetarily, are beyond value to the family. This cabinet was hand made by the person who passed and the family viewed it as invaluable and needed it shipped to a family members house without damage.

Gateway Crate and Freight picked up, packed and shipped this cabinet for this family and it is our April Shipment of the month. 

We tape the glass doors not only to minimize the vibration but also to take a precaution that if the glass did crack or break it may be held in place so as not to fall and damage the wood.

Cardboard covers and bubble wrap as well as foam sheets in the doors were added for extra protection. This cabinet also because of the glass and age of the unit traveled on a 1" piece of PE Foam to absorb transport shock as well.

The foam was placed in the bottom of the custom box creating a "pillow" for the whole cabinet to ride on. The outer custom box is made of double corrugate sheeting and centered on a pallet. The box is then braced to not slide on the pallet and the whole carton is strapped down and shrink wrapped.

We take great care when packing and shipping peoples valuable estate items because we know how important they are to the people who are shipping them. If you have a cabinet like this one or any other heirloom that is important to you and your family and you need them safely packed and shipped please give us a call 480-966-0795
Baby Grand Piano Crate and Ship to Hawaii

Piano Shipping
Moving a Piano is no easy task. The July shipment of the month needed to do just that. An antique piano needed to be crated packed and shipped to Hawaii.

Shipping consisted of shipping to the port, loading the crate into a container, loading the container onto a ship and shipping this on the water until it arrived in the port of Honolulu where it was unloaded and trucked to the delivery residence.

Packing for these various modes of transportation was crucial. The piano was packed on its long side, while the cords and keys needed to be secured for minimal movement and the legs and damper pedal parts and pieces were removed.

A plastic protective bag was wrapped around the piano to protect the wood from damage due to moisture during the 7 day ocean voyage. We then used 2" PE foam strips to minimize vibration and protect the piano while its on its side.

The crate was made and the padding cut to provide for the snug and secure fit we needed. Even with the plastic and the moving blanket, the items were secured in the crate in a tight and compact manner.

This crate was originally designed so it could fit on a passenger airliner but after investigating the cost of air freight compared to us shipping it on the ocean it became apparent that we would ship this economically.

Gateway Crate and Freight specializes in the design of custom crates and packaging made specifically to protect your items during transport. We recognize that sometimes like in the case of this piano, it may travel in multiple modes of transportation. 

We take great care in packing and shipping your special items, especially when they are family heirlooms like an antique baby grand piano.

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Estate Furniture Packing and Shipping
Estate Packing
This furniture needed to be packed and shipped. We Palletized, wrapped and boxed these items to protect them during shipping.

This pallet consisted of a Flat Screen Television, the television stand and a dresser. There is a foam padding in the bottom of the box and one on the top when the top was put on.

Gateway Crate and Freight takes great care to ensure all your estate valuables are protected during shipping.

One item or an entire home. We have the capability to pack and ship your items. We have some estate distributions where the estate is being shipped to 3 or four different destinations. No Problem.

Packing and shipping estate items are our specialty. Give us a call 855-474-4685
Taxidermy Estate Packing
Texidermy packing
Many times estate items are more valuable to the people involved than they are monetarily. Prized possessions and keepsakes of a lost loved one can never be replaced. 
Taxidermy items like a trophy buck or a blue marlin caught by your lost love one could mean everything to you because it meant everything to them.

Gateway Crate and freight has the experience and expertise to safely pack and ship taxidermy or any other estate valuable memento. We take great care when packaging and shipping these one of a kind pieces. 
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Any size, shape, weight, value and destination


The Gateway OT staff has the experience you need to package and ship your full truck, palletized or single item shipment. Whether you are shipping to multiple destinations in the U.S. or to an international destination, we G.O.T. you covered.       

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Ensure your estate valuables are packaged to the highest standards in the shipping industry with quality packaging materials and extreme personal care. We utilize corrugated, double corrugated, pallets, shrink wrap, blanket wrap, foam and fiberboard and custom wood crates to securely package your valuables. The Gateway OT estate packaging service provides on-site and in-shop custom packaging and crating for your valuable estate items.

After your items are safely packaged, let the Gateway Operations Team ensure your estate valuables are transported to their destination economically and on time. Our professional estate shipping staff can customize the shipping services you need for each item and destination. The G.O.T. network can ship your estate valuables via ground, air and or ocean at a rate that’s affordable and a service level that meets your particular estate distribution needs.

Assisted Living 
The Valley of the Sun, the East Valley and the Phoenix Metro area is home to numerous Assisted Living facilities many of which have established important rules and regulations regarding move-in and move-out procedures for residents. The National Center for Assisted Living (NCAL) created guidelines to help these facilities manage the process.
Gateway handles these moves with the required etiquette necessary to ensure all guidelines are followed. We work with facility coordinators to schedule an appropriate time to move belongings, that will have a minimal effect on the residents and works with your schedule. 

We G.O.T. you covered for all your estate distribution needs