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Today's fast paced business environment requires companies to utilize air freight as a means to meet urgent product delivery deadlines, marketing and advertising program schedules, to keep production going with a just in time delivery of critical raw materials, and many times it is used to deliver product to overseas companies.

Whatever air services you need we G.O.T you covered. We ensure great rates and exceptional service for all of your Air service needs including Next Flight Out (NFO), Next Day AM/PM, 2 Day, Deferred and Economy Freight. We utilize the G.O.T network to secure the services you need at the best rate available.

Air Parcel Services

Gateway O.T Provides our clients with the optimum balance of cost effective shipping methods and superior service through one dedicated point of contact. We offer discounted rates with the largest integrated carriers in the world which include UPS, FedEx and DHL. 

Having the flexibility to utilize the best carrier for any shipment is what sets Gateway O.T apart from our competitors. Whether it is a domestic air freight parcel or an international parcel we can find the right mix of service and cost for you using our volume discounts.

Air parcel shipping is pretty straightforward but let our professionals help you with the correct product and service you need to save you time and money.

Customized Air Solutions

When shipping domestic or international air freight not all shipments are treated the same. Everything is dependent on size, weight and destination and most importantly on the way it is packed.  

We have the experience and expertise to help find the best suitable packaging for your particular shipment especially when it comes to International shipments of goods that may be regulated by international law or have country specific requirements.

Packing in an I.P.P.C certified wood crate or bulk cargo containers like a double walled D Container also known as a Gaylord can help keep your items safe during air transit but remember Air Freight rates are chargeable by size so unless you are utilizing the maximum space configuration there may be better ways for your product to be packaged for air freight.

Packing and Crating services for all your Air Freight shipping needs.
Pilot Seats to Japan
Air Freight Packing
We packed these 6 pilot seats going to Japan for our friends at Swissteknik. We have shipped a few of these previously to a company there that uses them in flight simulators. This may seam like a straightforward job, however Japan has very strict laws regarding packaging materials and recycling. 

The lack of land fill space in Japan required the government to institute rules and regulations regarding packing materials in early 2000. If you ship items to Japan overly packaged the government will institute a high tax on the receipt of your goods. Under the Containers and Packaging Recycling Law, containers and wrapping are defined as those items “which become unnecessary when the contents have been consumed or removed.”

To save the client in Japan Money, Gateway Crate and Freight has a minimal packaging approach, that allows these seats to be safely transported via air freight but also utilize minimal packaging materials to reduce the cost incurred by the customer.

Foam materials are applied to the sharp metal corners to restrict intrusion from the cardboard container. A light shrink wrap is used to protect the new seat covers. Contact points in the box are increased to triple corrugate using the same cardboard sheet allowing us to provide a sound container for the seat.

These seats are then air freighted to Japan to minimize the handling of the cardboard units and ensure successful delivery to the client without an excessive charge for packaging materials used. 

Knowing the rules and regulations, taxes and tariffs to the countries we are shipping to allows us to create the "Optimum" shipping unit. As an I.P.P.C certified export facility for WPM (US-20468) we keep informed on all developments around the world so we can provide our clients the safest and most economical means of transporting their items around the globe.      
Air Freight Box
Minimal Packing in Box
Air Cargo Shipment
Full Box Smallest DIM
Things to keep in mind when packaging for a shipment going Air Freight. 

Package to IATA standards.

Passenger aircraft cargo holds cannot accommodate any shipment over 63" in height out of Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport.

Most domestic cargo planes (Boeing) load 133" wide except the 777 which is 146" Wide.

Load height for:
727         85"
747       122"
757         85"
767       100"
777       120"


Let Gateway O.T help you with your Air Freight packing and shipping needs.