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Medical Instruments and Laboratory Moving Specialists

Gateway specializes in the relocation of laboratory and medical instruments. We understand the challenges of transporting expensive machines across the US and around the world.

Some of the items we crate and transport are laboratory spectrometers, chromography instruments, optical analyzers, genetic and DNA analyzers and more. We also have extensive experience in packing and crating various medical instruments including lasers, optical equipment, surgical equipment and exam tables.

We package instruments to meet or exceed OEM standards using wood crates and PE foam to absorb shock and vibration in transport. We put sensitive instruments on air ride trailers to reduce vibration as well.

Whether you have one piece of equipment to relocate or entire laboratory or medical office, contact Gateway for a free quote.
GCMS Lab Equipment
Gateway has successfully picked up, crated/packed and shipped some of the most sensitive and valuable Medical Lab equipment devices and instruments. 

This Agilent GCMS Instrument is both sensitive and valuable. Providing White Glove Lab removal for our client and professional packing, crating and shipping, the customer was happy when they received this machine in perfect condition, after moving all the way across the US.

Although Gateway is known for our solid built crates, the more important aspect is the packing used inside the crate. Using PE foam on the base and blocking and bracing with EP foam allowed the machine to be cushioned during transport. 

We also route our shipments that are sensitive on "Air Ride" equipment rather just on any trailer truck. This type of shipping is much more conducive to protecting delicate instruments.

Added protection is always key to successful movement of fragile, sensitive and valuable machinery like this.

Give the medical instrument experts at Gateway a call today for help with your end to end, door to door transfer of your medical equipment and devices. Toll Free 855-474-4685 
Spectrometer Crate and Ship
This spectrometer was picked up, packaged and crated for shipment. Gateway personnel take great care when handling precision instruments like this. 

For this particular item the machinery was placed and blocked and braced on top of a piece of 2" TLam foam which significantly reduces the amount of vibration on the item during transportation

Securely packing the machinery is vital to successful relocation. Gateway also utilizes a number of transportation options, incorporating "Air Ride' service for this piece to give it even more protection when being transported.

For your best options to relocate or move delicate medical instruments contact the experts today. 855-474-4685

Specialized Medical Equipment Surplus Sale
We do a lot of work for Surplus Companies. These companies sell online some pretty interesting machinery and specialized instruments. Some of these items the Surplus Company is not even sure what the machine does but somehow the sell it online.

The Surplus company that had us crate, pack and ship this item, has had us pack and ship their domestic and international sales items for quite some time. Sometimes they know exactly what an item is and what it does and sometimes they say 'I'm not really sure what this machine does".

They did know that this particular shipment was a Chromatography instrument, we had packed and shipped a very similar machine for them before. Gateway Crate and Freight crates, packs and ships delicate instrumentation all around the world.

Our December shipment of the month is a big Thank You to all the Surplus companies who have counted on us to professionally pack and ship their valuable online commercial sales this past year.
If you sell Surplus Items online and want an economical and safe way to get them to your customers no matter how far they are give our e-commerce distribution experts a call 855-474-4685
3 wall crate for specometer packing process
Spectrometer wrapped 3 walls crated
The spectrometer above was fully crated was pretty heavy so it required a palletized bottom to allow it to easily move around in the distribution chain while being fully protected.

Pack and Wrap medical devices
Securely wrap machine
Block and brace medical equipment
Block and Brace in Crate
Crate Medical Machinery
Full Crate Ready to Ship