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Appliance Pack and Ship

Appliances Pack and Ship
Gateway Crate and Freight has packaged and shipped a number of valuable, over-sized and fragile appliances for both residential and commercial use.

Arizona Appliances

Appliance manufacturers, restorers, wholesalers and distributors count on Gateway Crate and Freight to provide them with quality packing, crating and shipping services for their valuable and sometimes fragile items.

Gateway Crate and Freight has packed crated and shipped Refrigerators, Ovens, Dishwashers, Clothes Washers, Dryers, Yogurt Machines, Industrial Coffee Machines, Refrigerated Glass Deli Cases as well as a full service 12 ft Salad Bar!

We have the expertise and experience to pack and ship all types of appliances to anywhere in the US, Canada, Mexico or elsewhere in the world.

Packing and Shipping Appliances

Gateway Crate and Freight has packed and shipped for our clients appliances destined to both residential and commercial locations. We can arrange delivery in some areas for these items into a home or business, providing curbside/threshold, inside delivery and even white glove delivery services for your appliances.

Double Oven Pack and Ship
Oven Pack and Ship
When our friends at Paradise Appliance sell one of their high end refrigerators, ovens or dishwashers they call on us to pack and ship them to ensure they arrive to their customers across the U.S in perfect condition.

That's why our July shipment features one of their double ovens. Palletizing appliances correctly with a few extra professional finishing touches has allowed us to successfully pack and ship hundreds of appliances destined for restaurants and residences for a number of our clients.

We begin by making a custom pallet base. Notice the plywood in the first picture. Most appliances have open bottoms with wring and gas lines etc that can not be damaged so we add the plywood bottom onto the pallet slats to eliminate the chance of damage.

The range was then wrapped in sheet foam to protect the stainless steal finish from scratching. A 1" foam plank board sheet is then custom cut to protect all four sides of the range.

After the range is surrounded in foam and shrink wrapped we then make a custom box of double corrugate sheeting. The wood corner slats that we pre-made were then put on the corners of the box to further protect the oven from damage shipping through an LTL system.

The 2X4 on the ground was then attached to the wood slats and pallet this allows safe transfer of the item by forklift. The oven when moved by forklift is transported from its side, which is the safest, allowing the forklift to pickup from the front or back could cause damage so we always design our packaging of appliances for side lift.

The wood slat corners tied to the bottom 2X4 protect the oven from the forklift and the wood frame provides a weight support around the oven rather than on it, providing for a beneficial weight distribution on the skid.

In the last picture you can see we then shrink wrap and utilize nylon banding to secure our slat box down to the pallet. Need appliances packed and shipped to ensure safe delivery? Give us a call today 480-966-0795
Double Door Refrigerator
Refrigerator Shipping
Gateway Crate and Freight has professionally packed and shipped many refrigerators including under counter, double doors, commercial grade freezers and refrigerant units used in the Food and Beverage Industry.

We frequently pack and ship this particular unit. They are heavy, weighing about 710 lbs. To properly pack and ship them takes the right materials and expertise to block and brace them safely so that they arrive to their customer in perfect condition.

The inside glass shelving must be properly secured so they do not open or shift during transport. Once the inside is secure. We wrap the outside in a foam sheeting to protect the stainless steal finish. That is then shrink wrapped and then a 1" foam plank board is cut to fit around the unit to protect it even further.

A custom double corrugate box is then put around the refrigerator and wood corners are then applied, these are banded around to get a tightness to the unit in the box. Then 2X4 blocking and bracing down to the pallet provides for a good travel structure.

Our clients are more than happy to give us a recommendation for this method of packing if you are wanting to outsource this function for your appliances.

We take great care in protecting your valuable sales of appliances and provide economical shipping and delivery rates including some delivery services, such as unpacking, debris removal and Inside White Glove Delivery for your items, Nationwide.
Salad Bar 12' Refrigerated Unit
A 12 ft Salad bar all the way to Florida? Yes we did! Actually this job was pretty easy after getting the salad bar onto the custom pallet. We just blocked, braced and banded the salad bar down to the pallet so it wouldn't move.

We added a custom cardboard box around it for freight classification purposes. Actually even when the cardboard is not really holding anything down or in, utilizing it helps you determine how it was treated during transit. If there are holes or a scrap or some obvious puncture of the cardboard then you know something fell into it during transit. This helps you IF ever you need to file a claim against a trucking company due to improper handling during shipping.

There was no damage to our salad bar and it arrived safely. Just another easy shipment for the professionals at Gateway Crate and Freight. Call us next time you are shipping a salad bar! 480-966-0795
Washer Dryer Combo
Wash Machine Shipping
So what do you do when you order a washer dryer machine combination off the internet and they ship you a gas unit when you ordered the electric one? Well in this clients case they brought the incorrect unit to us and has us palletize, wrap and box it and ship it back to the seller at the sellers expense.

The seller was based in New York and shipped them the correct unit immediately after discovering their mistake but had to find a way to safely get this new unit back to its warehouse, they said "we are glad we found you" 

They also commented after they received it that they weren't sure how it happened, but they think the unit was packed so well it got back to them in better shape than when they shipped it out! It was a good chuckle that day.

Have a need to return big appliances...we are here for you.
Grill Shipping
This beautiful new grill was sold to a customer in the mid west. Needing to get from Arizona and arrive in pristine condition we were called to pack and ship this unit. This valuable grill was wrapped in sheet foam, shrink wrapped and then custom boxed.

We applied a plywood bottom to the pallet to ensure forks from a forklift could not hit the bottom since it had open ignition wires and pan. The double corrugated box was then slated by 1X4 wood to protect the top and corners from damage from other freight.

When we ship these types of items LTL (Less than Truckload) they ride with other peoples freight. The trick is to package your items well enough to protect them from other peoples freight that may not be packaged correctly, so we added a wood frame around the outside of the box. That little extra protection can pay off.

Got a Grill that need to be professionally packed and shipped? Call us today for a free quote.
Foam Pack and Wrap
Wrapped in sheet foam and plank Board
Large Box Packing
Packed in Large custom Box with wood corners
Pallet Band
Shrink Wrapped and Pallet Banded
Refrigerator Shipping
Secure Glass and Doors
Refrigerator Packing
Encase in Foam Plank Board
Shipping Refrigerators
Wood Corners Banded Blocked and Braced
Packing Salad aBar
Some wrap on glass and counter
12 foot Box
Boxed to Go
Washing Dryer Packed
Foam Sheet and Shrink Wrap
Custom Box Shipping
Custom Box Pallet Ready to Ship
Shipping a Grill
Wrap in sheet foam
Slat Crate Box Shipment
Custom Box Slat Corner to Ship

We G.O.T. you coved for all of your Appliance Packing and Shipping needs