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Gateway International Shipping Services

International Freight shipping services are offered by our Gateway O.T division with a network of International forwarders, customs agents and carriers positioned throughout the world so the Optimum distribution solution is just a phone call away.

Tips and Suggestions on Shipping overseas

When exporting out of the United States whether household goods or commercial products you should first determine when you need the items to arrive. The difference in transit time can be pretty substantial between ocean cargo or air freight.

Ocean Cargo

The transit times via ocean cargo can be pretty significant depending on the arriving port. Ocean freight cargo ships call on (stop at) multiple ports along its route making transit times range from a few weeks, 14 days to 45 days and more if your particular port is far from the export point.

Air Freight

Air freight transit times are much much faster and the services range from
Import or Export the Gateway O.T professionals can provide you with secure and economical transportation solutions. 
in this business people insure against loss...we ensure for success
Shipping to Australia Guitars  
Ship to Australia
We picked up, packed and shipped these 8 guitars valued at over $20,000 U.S.D from Phoenix, Arizona to Brisbane, Australia. These moved air freight since it was a time sensitive shipment. Gateway Crate and Freight packaged the guitars to provide the best dimensional shipping configuration possible. 

When you ship air freight charges are determined by how much space you take up, so not sacrificing protection for these valuable items we came up with a box design that best suited these items. We added some plywood and created a custom pallet, the additional weight of these packing materials did not effect the price of the shipment since the dimensional weight was greater than the actual weight.

These are important things to consider when preparing your international shipment. 

Another consideration is duty and taxes and the cost of inland transportation. We discussed all the options for this shipment with this client, who decided that they would pick the guitars up at the freight terminal at the airport rather than have them delivered.

We sent them instructions on how to clear the items through customs and pay the taxes. Everything went smooth, Gateway Crate and Freight was able to pickup, pack and air freight these to Brisbane, Australia and the customer was able to receive and clear through customs all in less than a week.

For more information on shipping and logistics for international freight visit www.gatewayot.com   
Shipment to France For a Wedding!!!
Shipping to France
Getting Married in France? Our client wanted the perfect wedding and part of that experience was having all of her table compliments and party favors match the dresses and theme of the wedding. So she took to hand ordering all the items she wanted.

Next obstacle for her was getting it all to France in time for the wedding. She turned to Gateway Crate and Freight to find the right mix of packaging and transportation services to get the job done. She had some fragile items like glass vases so we had to ensure these did not break in transit.

We decided to wrap and pack the glass and fragile items while most of the other items were still in the boxes she ordered them in, we then put all of the boxes into a full wood crate.

All of her items arrived on time and all intact. Shipping to France is easy and affordable when you use Gateway Crate and Freight 
Custom Crate Children's Electric Cars to Kuwait
Shipping to Kuwait
Our June shipment of the month is destined for Kuwait and features two newly painted custom Mercedes Benz electric children's vehicles.

The best crate configuration for these vehicles was for the toys to travel on top of each other without touching any of the custom paint so we designed this crate with a shelf system. 

These vehicles are actually banded down by their axles with a two inch foam cushion placed between the tires and the sides of the crate. All four tires are also blocked with a foam padded wood block to keep the vehicles from moving.

Traveling so far in a sea container means exposure to the elements like sea salt which could degrade the paint on the vehicles or put a salt film or residue on the bodies. Each car was placed in a plastic bag to keep the elements away.

Packing and shipping these vehicles presented another challenge. The battery that powers these toys is a hazmat item and must be packed according to industry standards. We disconnected the battery from each unit and packaged their posts and connectors to ensure compliance with regulations regarding packing and shipping.

When I say custom I mean these vehicles actually have the children's names on them. Awesome! Anybody else wish they had a custom Mercedes Benz electric car when they were 5?

If you happen to have a couple of electric motorized Mercedes Benz cars for your favorite kids and you need to ship them out of the country give us a call. Gateway Crate and Freight has already done that! 

Gateway Crate and Freight specializes in the big, fragile and valuable items that need to be packed and shipped and protected while being transported or moved. If you need professional packing, crating or shipping just give us a call

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Box Ship to Australia
Custom Box Foam
Air Freight Pallet Australia
Air Freight Pallet
ISPM WPM Certified
ISPM Export Stamp Important to Australia
France Shipping
Shrink Wrapped
Crate to France
Crate Shipping to France
Crate Shipping to France
Export Crating
Shelf Crate
Export Poly Wrap
Poly wrap to protect paint finish
International Crate
Foam Block and Brace chock wheels
Export Crate Kuwait
Crate to Ship to Kuwait
International and Export Crating and Shipping we G.O.T you covered.