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Solar Industry Packing and Shipping Services
Gateway Crate and Freight has the experience and expertise to pack and ship your solar products safely and economically to most anywhere in the world. We have had the privileged of crating, packing and shipping hundreds of solar related products, including large PV Modules, for our clients. 

Our experience and understanding of the solar industry gives our clients the advantage they need to compete in the global marketplace. 

Crating Solar PV Modules for Export
Solar Panel Crate
We get called on by many companies large and small in the solar industry to ensure proper packing and shipping of these large and fragile photovoltaic modules. We have also shipped Inverters, controllers and batteries for our solar clients. 

Gateway Crate and Freight over the last few years has seen a significant increase in the distribution of solar related products to points around the globe. We have shipped Solar products to Nepal, The West Indies, Thailand and Dubai to name a few.

Whether our clients requests we crate their items or simply custom box them, we pack to ensure that the cells in the modules don't get scratched or damaged by dividing the panels with packing materials or wrapping and banding the frames to prevent movement during transport.

In this shipment the client had 10 Panels fully crated. We placed a double corrugated cardboard sheet between each panel to prevent the metal frame from moving slightly and scratching the panel below.

These panels also have junction boxes and wiring on the back, ensuring the wiring stays in place and doesn't get pinched by the metal frame is an important component in ensuring safe transport of these products.

Gateway Crate and Freight has years of experience in custom packing and shipping solar related products. We advise, especially when shipping long distances (International Ocean) that your valuable products be crated and professionally packed.


Solar Mid Panel Brackets
Borrego Solar brought us a bunch of mid panel solar brackets they removed from a field and needed to be packed and shipped to a new field in Florida. 

The brackets still had the bolts and nuts that are attached for assembly so the brackets were placed in the crate as best could fit. We still filed 2 full 48X48X48 crates with these. 
Custom Packing PV Modules
Packing Solar Modules
Some of our clients are fine with us packing their modules in custom gaylord containers (cardboard boxes) on custom pallet bases. 

Its more economical than fully crating your items but there are some added damage risk compared to fully crating. But when you are shipping over 100 of them sometimes a little cost savings is important.

Gateway takes great care in banding and strapping these panels prior to custom boxing them to ensure they dont shift. The custom made pallet is IPPC certified (US-20468) for export and designed to allow some room between the double corrugated cardboard container and any other freight that may be near it.

Once the outside box is strapped to the pallet it is shrink wrapped again to keep all panels tight and within the pallet footprint.

We have the experience and expertise to help you properly pack and ship your solar related products. We can pickup and pack at our facility or we can pack on site.

Learn more about what Gateway Crate and Freight can do to ensure your solar products get to their sunny destination! Call Toll Free 855-474-4685 


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