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Custom Packing

Gateway Crate and Freight has the experience and expertise in custom packing and shipping your specialty items including high priced one of a kind art pieces, estate items, exposition material, industrial machinery, luggage, motorcycles and auto parts.

When we say we specialize in custom packing and shipping these items, what we are really saying is we have been successful at custom packing and shipping these items on numerous occasions for many residential and commercial customers.  

There is no ONE WAY to pack and ship any one item. Each and every item needs to be looked at and a method of shipment determined for us to come up with the right mix of packing materials to ensure your important cargo arrives safely to its destination.

We have had the pleasure of packing and shipping very beautiful pieces of artwork. glass art, sand art, wall art, bronze statues, ceramic sculptures, vases, pottery, from small fragile kachina dolls to large cigar store Indians.

Gateway Crate and Freight takes great care when packing and shipping one of a kind artwork. We always use the highest quality materials and understand the intricacies of packing to ensure your valuable items will not get damaged in shipping.We depend greatly on our experience in making specialty crates and custom boxes for the items we pack and ship. 

As a traffic and logistics manager at a number of large global corporations I had the not so pleasurable duty of shipping to and from large expositions and trade shows. Over the years we have come to understand all the details involved in properly scheduling a trade show event. A key component to a successful event is the safe timely arrival and departure of materials.

Custom crating or Custom packing, including properly palletizing all your freight is the key component in safely transporting your items from point A to point B. Gateway and Freight can claim we are specialists at trade show and exposition packing crating and shipping. Why? Because we have done this for years.

Whether your materials require specialty crates or just simply need to be properly palletized, Gateway Crate and Freight can recommend the right option for you.

Visit our Industrial machinery page to learn about our packing, crating and shipping process for large and fragile machinery. Many of the machines we have crated up or palletized and shipped are for export. We understand the needs and the process of packing, crating and shipping this type of machinery.

We are an ISPM-15 certified crating company which means we can create wood crates, pallets and packaging as well as providing proper dunnage for international shipments. Make sure your international shipment is not hung up in customs because of improper packing materials were used. For more information about this process visit our crating page.

Packing and Crating services with local pickup and delivery available in Arizona but we have the capability to ship items from anywhere to anywhere.

If you have any questions about our specialties in custom packing, palletizing, crating and shipping feel free to...

Professional Packing Services


The C.E.O of a large corporation once told us that the most important person in his company was the shipping clerk because the last thing he does (package the box) is the first thing the customer sees.

Whether your item is a consumer good for sale or your own personal possession, proper packaging to ensure successful delivery is crucial.

RESIDENTIAL Pack and Ship pickup service options can include inside pickup in most areas of the Phoenix metro area. Packing services are offered both as an option as a drop off at our facility in Tempe or items can be packed, palletized and shipped from your location. Inside delivery and unpacking service options are also available to residential deliveries depending on location and needs.

COMMERCIAL Pack and Ship options include on site and off site packing and crating as well as pickup, pack and ship from our warehouse facility. Special packing options are also available for commercial customers needing packing services at the airport, storage facilities, construction sites and at local container freight stations.  

Economical Packing Solutions

Gateway Crate and Freight can recommend the right packaging solution for you to ensure the safe delivery of your valuables. There are a number of professional and custom packing options to choose from but our objective is to find the most economical and safe means to package your items for shipping.

Box and Palletize is the most economical means of safely transporting items around the country. Gateway Crate and Freight understands and adheres to the packing standards of the National Motor Freight Classification standards.

Following these guidelines of proper packaging of commodities has allowed us to safely pack and ship hundreds of shipments over the last year. We modify pallets to ensure they accommodate the items we are shipping. We never allow boxes to hang over a pallet, always making sure the items are properly fit into the pallet to ensure the best protection from damage.

Packing Experience and Expertise


The Gateway Operations Team offers professional, custom and container packaging services. We have experience and expertise in packing boxes, wood crates, moving PODS and ocean/intermodal containers. Look around our website for the particular packing services you are needing. 

Professional Packing and Crating services for Commercial and Residential customers.
Stainless Steel Tables Pack and Ship
These stainless steel tables at a restaurant supply company needed to be packed and shipped. If you have ever read my blog
 www.gatewaycrateandfreight.blogspot.com then you know how many times I have written about the evolution of dimensional based pricing and its effect on LTL shipping.

Our October Pack and Ship of the month features a situation where knocking down the shipping unit and custom packing the items saved a lot of money for our client on shipping.
Even after the charge for the service of taking these tables apart, custom wrapping the pieces to ensure no damage and custom boxing and palletizing, the client saved a lot of money over a van move or shipping them as their S.U (Set Up-really means assembled) N.M.F.C Shipping Class.

A number of our clients choose to use our dis assembly and assembly services for their shipments so that they may take advantage of better transportation rates and safer transport.
Saving money and improving the safety and integrity of the items being shipped is important to many of our clients.

Gateway Crate and Freight has performed this service for many restaurant and appliance wholesalers and distributors. Packing and wrapping tables, commercial grade grills, dough mixers, ovens as well as Commercial grade refrigeration units.
Refrigerated Display Case Custom Pack and Ship
Refrigerated Display Shipping
This Large Refrigerated display case was purchased by a large grocery store chain in Oregon but first it had to be picked up from the store in Scottsdale Arizona, professionally packed and shipped.

Gateway Crate and Freight was called on to perform this task. The first obstacle was a wall! Literally. The display case was situated in a store and then a concrete wall/counter was installed in front of it. There was no way of getting it out without lifting it over the counter. After lifting this large refrigerated case over that 4' counter it was easy going from there.
The top of the unit features lighting and each side of this display case is glass! Not only that, its weight is quite heavy and all situated at the bottom due to the refrigeration unit. 

We wrapped the base in sheet foam and shrink wrapped it for added protection. We then placed 1"PE plank board in front of the glass, shelving and accessories were packed and secured inside the case.The plank board sheets were further shrink wrapped to hold to the top and bottom. The glass was then protected further by a sheet of plywood on both sides that ran from the bottom to the top.

All of the unit and its packaging was then shrink wrapped and banded to the custom made pallet. 2 X 4's running from plywood wall to plywood wall also helped to secure the unit further from sliding or coming off the skid when it gets transferred via forklift or pallet jack.

Large and fragile units like this take special care to ensure the safe shipping of the item and it comes down to proper packing and the right materials in the all the right places.

This item shipped via L.T.L with YRC Freight and delivered in perfect condition. Although this is a large piece, we saved our client money on the shipping by shipping it under a dimensional contract rather than a class based contract.

Got large, fragile items you need safely moved and transported? In the U.S, Canada, Mexico or overseas we got you covered. Please don't tell us we have to get it out from behind a concrete wall though. lol Thanks  

Give one of our professional packing experts a call today Toll Free 855-474-4685 or direct 480-966-0795
Cigar Store Indian Custom Pack and Ship
Statue to Pack and Ship
What do you do when you have a 7' Tall hand carved cigar store Indian you need to ship across the country? 

Call Gateway Crate and Freight, we just shipped this one from Glendale, Arizona all the way to Alabama which actually isn't very far considering the last one of these we shipped we shipped all the way to Switzerland.

We began by bubble wrapping and shrink wrapping him, extra padding was put around more fragile areas and a custom box was made. The box was then put on the pallet where we blocked the box from moving with 2x4s on the pallet and then added extra protection by attaching and banding plywood pieces around the front, back and sides.

This added a bit more protection for the transportation to Alabama. If you have a large wooden statue or a cigar store Indian like this one hanging around and you are looking to move it give us a call Local 480-966-0795 or toll free at 855-474-6854.
Break Bulk and Cross Dock Pack to Order Services
Break Bulk Distribution
The Tempe, Arizona warehouse provides cross dock and pack to order services for a Kids Furniture company on a continuing basis. We take in a truckload of furniture from the manufacturer and sort and custom pack shipments to customer order.

Our packing services helps this company provide their customers with timely delivery of their furniture, while providing the most economical means of distribution.

We create custom pallets for the furniture to provide the smallest and safest dimension for shipping. Being able to place items on custom pallets can save a lot of money in freight cost when you are dealing with commodities that are charged by how much space the take up. (dimensional Shipping)

For more information on how our cross dock, break-bulk and custom pack to order services can help your company give us a call 480-966-0795.

We can provide a free quote or advise on how your items can be safe, secure and shipped economically.   
Packing Exercise Equipment
Packing Equipment
We have a client who developed their own exercise machine and now sells these to gyms and individuals across the U.S. 

Packing the machine with its fly wheel design is challenging. keeping the machine in one position during transportation requires unique packaging.

Protecting the finish on the new machines requires some foam sheeting, shrink wrap and banding. Custom made pallets and boxes also help with keeping the freight cost down by providing adequate size protection when shipping with other freight but also not using too much materials in providing that protection.

Gateway Crate and Freight custom packs items for the right balance of protection and economical freight costs.   
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