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The wood crate is a heavy duty packaging container. Crates are used to protect numerous commodities while in transit. Wood crates are much more expensive than cardboard boxes but offer a huge advantage in protecting your valuables. In many instances crates are used to stabilize large, heavy equipment during shipment. A professional wooden crate is made to ensure the valuables inside are stable secure and protected from other items during moving and shipping.


In fact over the last 10 years wooden crates have become a popular way of moving household goods around the U.S and internationally. These wooden Pods are large crates suited for both fitting a number of household goods and working well with loading and transport equipment that make them easily transported by trucking companies.


Some of our G.O.T. members have been packaging crates  and building custom crates since 1992. Packaging crates to transport valuable artwork, furniture, electronics, computers, motorcycles, cars and car parts, pottery, china, glassware, industrial machinery, scientific measuring devices, medical equipment, Aircraft parts as well as crates to house expo and convention materials.

Transportation Crating


Gateway Crate and Freight builds our crates to withstand the rigors of transportation. When building our transportation crates we carefully consider the mode in which your freight will travel and design and construct our crates to protect your valuables.


Freight Crates  


As a premier Crating Company in the United States we provide Local Care and Global Coverage. For information on our Artwork Crates visit our Art page. For manufacturers and commercial customers looking for Industrial Crates visit our industrial page. For Expo and Trade Show Crating visit our Expo page and for Moving Crates and custom Pods visit our moving page.

Reusable Crates


We build strong, long lasting reusable crates. These include trade show crates, museum expo crates, show crates and more.

Gateway Crate and Freight utilizes a number of different hardware systems that includes twist latches, hinges, case corners, spring loaded handles and casters.  

We also offer Klimp Crates. Gateway Crate and Freight can design any sized storage vault or collapsible crate utilizing Klimp fasteners. Easily assemble and disassemble your crates using Klimp clamps and fasteners.


International Crates


Gateway Crate and Freight is familiar with the APHIS standards and requirements for exporting Wood Packaging Materials and the guidelines for regulating wood packaging materials in international trade.

I.P.P.C Certification 


ISPM15 Crates


We can crate or package materials for international transport in compliance with these regulations for the specific country of import. We are familiar with and utilize the most efficient and economical means of packaging to meet these requirements either through the Heat Treatment process (ISPM15) or a Methyl Bromide Fumigation Treatment Program.
Industrial crating for International crates should only be done after understanding these requirements. ISPM15 Crates for example help meet the requirements of many countries. This certification means your wood packing materials have been treated with a heat treatment process that eliminates harmful pests that may take refuge in the wood and then may damage the environment the pest is newly introduced to.

Fumigated Crates


Some countries allow this requirement to be met through certification that the wood packing materials have been fumigated with Methyl Bromide.
Spec Crates, Lot Crates, Mil-Spec Crating
When needing spec crates in large lot quantities look no further than Gateway Crate and Freight professional crating and packing services. We provide costs savings to bulk or large lot orders and make our crates and packing designed for your product.

Whether you order a dozen or a hundred we have the experience and expertise to produce large quantities of crates to specification. This includes the foam cutout packaging inside along with blocking and bracing mechanisms designed for your specific product.

Our Spec Crates are designed to protect your products inside and out. Structure, material composition and design is based on your specific needs.

Mil-Spec crating is not just for the military. Most organizations are looking for the performance specifications MilSpec Crates offer in terms of durability and construction.

Gateway Crate and Freight does not use utility wood in our crates, we use a standard grade that is much better to work with than utility grade lumber which makes our crates more durable and more accurate to the customers specifications.

Many of the Mil-Spec Crates have a Commercial Standard counterpart assigned by the ASTM (American Society for Testing and Material) visit www.astm.org for the standards. 

We generally follow the standard specifications for wood cleated panelboard shipping boxes. Our preference to cleated crates are in their ease of use when packing materials over the standard for box crates. Contact us if you need crates produced to spec or in lots. 
Custom Crates and Specialized Packing
Mirror Pack and Ship
When a world renowned mirror manufacturer needed to bring decorative samples of large mirrors back from a gallery in Scottsdale to their home in New York City they contacted Gateway Crate and Freight to ensure their items were properly packed crated and economically shipped.

There were 3 different mirrors in the collection one measuring 72" long by 52" wide. Such a long stretch of delicate glass needs the proper amount of packaging to make the long journey back to New York.

After picking these 3 pieces up in Scottsdale, AZ we brought them to our warehouse where we used a combination of bubble wrap, foam sheet wrap, 1" PE foam as well as 1" Plank board with shrink wrap and cardboard to package these large mirrors
We tape the mirror with masking tape so that in the event the mirror does break it does not fall and cut and damage the wood frame. The custom wood frames are also protected by foam sheets and shrink wrap.

Each mirror was individually boxed and then those boxes were set in the crate in a foam liner. This help protect the glass from vibration from the road transit.

For the shipping the customer had 2 economical options for the 84 X 17 X 62 Full wood crate: L.T.L or Air Ride. Air Ride transport is our recommended mode of shipping when something is valuable and fragile.

Air Ride equipped trailers have a smoother ride than regular LTL truck trailers which can react and move to most every bump in the road, these special trailers with shocks are more expensive but well worth the money for valuable and fragile freight.

Reusable Ramp Crate
Reusable Ramp Crate
When an item rolls on wheels, like this MRI machine power unit, a ramp crate can make perfect sense for people needing to get an 800 lb machine into a container to ship multiple times. This machine is heading to the manufacturer to be repaired. It will then be rolled back into the crate, shipped back to us, then delivered back to its home in Scottsdale.

We have built numerous ramp crates for people who want to make it easy to remove and replace the machine back into the crate. Although this crate was for shipping here in the U.S we have made a number of crates for export that utilize a ramp, either because the machine was going to be used multiple times at different locations or because they wanted to make it easy for the recipient to get off the crate without causing damage or shock to the machine.

This machine also was wrapped in an anti static poly wrap bag. Foam blocking and bracing utilizing a 2" PE foam helped keep the machine snug in the crate. Blocked in with foam ensured the machine would not be scratched or damaged by the crate. Crating items is only half the battle in protecting items during shipment. 

Gateway Crate and Freight uses the finest materials to pack and protect the machinery we crate. Our designs for crating are custom and made for the specific item we are shipping.

Having delicate electronic connectors on the back panel required us to design the blocking in the crate to ensure these important items would not be touched (Damaged) during shipping.
Industrial Crating
Large Machinery Crates
Gateway Crate and Freight provides expert packing and crating for large machinery for shipping anywhere around the world. These particular machines will spend over 30 days on the ocean in a container.

The base is a 2X4 and 2X6 constructed support to adequately manage the 2000 lbs of weight. Blocking and bracing the machine in the crate required a design that would let us utilize 2x4s to keep the attached plastic box from getting crushed by the metal box.

Because these items were traveling in an ocean container we wrapped the machine in VCI (Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor) poly wrap. The VCI material help keeps the rusting effects of ocean salt water from affecting the machinery.

For these export crates we utilized an OSB wood paneling cleated with 2X4s to help support the weight. OSB and Plywood is not material regulated by the IPPC but the 2X4s and all hardwood must be stamped appropriately for export. As an IPPC certified WPM (ISPM-15) materials facility (License US-20468) we pre-stamp all of our crates before packing items offsite.

Understanding how an item sits and knowing the sensitive areas of the machine, or fragile parts that may be prone to breaking during shipment helps us design better cradles and crates for the items being transferred.
Reusable Klimp Clamp Crate
Reusable Crates
There are many types of reusable crates and building the right crate for the job is important. We design custom crates with the needs of the customers objective in mind.

This crate was designed to house testing equipment to be used at multiple facilities around the world. We are an IPPC, ISPM-15 certified export crate manufacturer and although we shipped this to California its next destination maybe overseas.

The company wanted a reusable crate so that the same item could be packed into it over and over again. It was designed to move with a pallet jack and forklift. The packing and blocking and bracing needed to be removable and reusable as well.

Other reusable crates may be designed to utilize hinges and locks and casters so they can easily be moved around at expos and conventions but this particular equipment was just meant to ship and use at factories.

We used Klimp clamps on this crate so that the crate could be taken apart and put back together easily. The klimp system adds life to the crate when compared to a crate that is reused using screws. Each time a screw is taken out and put back in the wood, the connection becomes weaker.

Gateway Crate and Freight built this reusable crate using the Klimp clamp system to allow the company to reuse this crate for a long time to come. 

Also notice the foam padding on the bottom is covered by another piece of plywood that is removable. This allows the bottom foam not to be torn up or damaged by reuse. Taking great care to design the best reusable crates on the market for your particular item is what we do best.

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Gateway Crate and Freight will ensure that your important international shipment is not delayed in quarantine or rejected for import because of the failure to follow these guidelines. The Transportation Crating requirements for International Wood Crates require all shippers comply with these rules and regulations.
For these important guidelines regarding your packing materials when exporting visit:http://www.aphis.usda.gov/import_export/plants/plant_exports/wpm/index.shtml

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We build Custom to Spec Crates: Full, Slat, Reusable. 
We G.O.T. you covered for all of your custom Crating needs