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Nationwide Home and Office Delivery Solutions 

The Gateway O.T network of white glove and inside delivery agents across the U.S and Canada has delivered hundreds of large, valuable and difficult to deliver items into homes and offices for many of our clients.

Our experience has helped us to fine tune a delivery structure and network of agents that are professional and reliable with an ever expanding service area. We have delivered a multitude of items to islands, swamps and remote mountain retreats, as well as hard to deliver city locations like downtown Manhattan and New Orleans.

Put our network to work for you. 

Commercial Services - Most of our White Glove delivery work comes from businesses (manufacturers and distributors) of furniture and appliances. Our clients understand our commitment to the final mile and white glove services. For product launches or omni- channel distribution challenges Gateway O.T White Glove management services can help your business get to the next level of customer service.

Residential Services - We have had a number of small household moves looking for a little more than a threshold delivery. We have helped our household goods clients with inside pickups and deliveries. Included services like dis assembly for audio electronic components, TV wall mounts, exercise equipment and similar items. Move in and Move out for college students in dormatories which require packing of wall art, clothing and electronics.

For Residences and Office buildings requiring a Certificate of Insurance prior to moving in and moving out. Gateway O.T or its agent can produce the needed certificate to ensure your items are moved in or moved out on the necessary date without a hold up from building management.

Our white glove services have you covered. We can create and manage the perfect white glove service that fits your needs, whether you need assistance with a stair carry, packing and unpacking, tools to assemble or dis assemble or just good old fashioned face to face customer service we can arrange the service for you. 

We are professional, clean cut and have nothing but stringent standards for our white glove services personnel.          

Home and Office Delivery Services

When you need White Glove Pickup or Delivery Services we can ensure customer service satisfaction. Our personal pickup and delivery teams are well trained and always uniformed and professional.

We provide item placement in the home or office with unpacking services that include the removal of packing and shipping material as well as older item removal when needed.

Our dispatch service can ensure a scheduled delivery or pickup appointment in advance, with sufficient communication to get the job done right.

Gateway Optimum Transportation provides last mile delivery and first mile transport services where and when you need them which includes pickup and delivery inside the home or office. When you need to provide your customer a little more than just delivery service, give us a call.

Packing and unpacking services for white glove moves.

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White Glove Delivery Design Studio
White Glove Delivery to Unpack
Normally we highlight shipments on our home page that we crate, pack and ship but this month I thought I would share with you a shipment that highlights our other services. We received into our warehouse this crated natural stone table and base for White Glove Delivery.

Gateway assists Galleries, Designers and Art Handling companies from around the world with professional receipt, inspection and beyond threshold delivery options to their important clients. In this case a design studio needed to ensure their customer received their one of a kind piece in good condition.

It requires that we receive the shipment from the freight company at our warehouse, open the packaging and inspect the contents to ensure there is no damage. Gateway then cleans the item to remove fingerprints or dust and blanket wraps the item for delivery to the customer.

This cut natural stone called the "Glacier Table" is one of many fine art or special handing items we receive in and deliver for our clients who want to provide the best delivery services. Try our White Glove Delivery option on your next important shipment.    
Heavy Copper Top Table and Solid Wood Base 
Light Assembly Setup Delivery
White Glove Delivery Copper Table Top
There are many different types of White Glove deliveries. The local pickup and delivery jobs we do here at Gateway mainly involves a freight line haul delivered to our warehouse, we unpack or un crate and inspect. We then contact the recipient to schedule a convenient time for in home delivery.

This gorgeous Copper Top Table with wood base is a perfect example of our typical white glove project. The seller ships via line haul carrier from their distribution center to our warehouse. This shipment arrived via Roadrunner Transportation. The Gateway receiving team unloaded the truck and signed for the freight after careful inspection of the outside packaging.

Down the right hand side of the page you can follow the process. We received one slat crate with the table base and one full crate that had the table top in it.

The third picture down shows the receiving team un-crating the packed table top and performing an inspection on its condition. The manufacturer did a good job on wrapping and banding down the items.

The table base is made of solid wood after taking it out of the slat crate we could see all sides of the base and it was in perfect condition. Picture 4 shows the base in our warehouse. 

This table top and base cleared inspection and Gateway contacted the customer to schedule the in home delivery. The customer was happy to receive their table the next day.

A two man team in a cargo van was dispatched to make the delivery into the home in Scottsdale, AZ. The items were carefully moved into the home after the team moved a table for the client that was currently in the location where the new table was going.

Some extra services like this are performed for our customers at no extra charge unless such service extends beyond the delivery time period for the White Glove delivery.

Successful White Glove delivery depends on local delivery personal having a customer-centric approach to delivery. Gateway delivery personnel are trained to ensure the happiness of our customers.

Gateway is a member of a nationwide network of professional white glove agents and can provide our clients with White glove coverage and line haul service to and from anywhere in the continental United States. 
Antique Glass Table Delivery, Setup and Placement
Inside Setup and Delivery
This glass table was delivered to our warehouse in Tempe Arizona in pieces: the glass, the table base and the ornate connecting screws. 

We delivered this table to a beautiful home in Paradise Valley, Arizona, placing the product in the exact location the customer wanted it, attaching the glass top to the base and cleaning the item top to bottom.

Thanks to House of Blu Decor in San Diego www.houseofbludecor.com for choosing us to deliver their valuable table, they responded "Thank you for doing a great job!" 

Need White Glove Inside placement and assembly give us a call 480-966-0795 Toll Free 855-474-4685 
White Glove Delivery
Received to Deliver
Base to deliver White Glove
Table base unpacked
Premium delivery setup
Table Top Stone
Arizona Receiving Warehouse
Receipt of the slat crated table base
Receiving Freight Arizona
Receive Fully Crated Table Top
Receive Freight Inspect
Unpack Crates and Inspect
Inspect Delivery
Unpacked table base Inspect before delivery
In home delivery Arizona
Table being unpacked to deliver into home.

We G.O.T. you covered for all of your White Glove Pickup and Delivery needs