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Quote for Packing

The Gateway professional packing quick quote is a non-binding estimate based on the information provided and is a reasonably accurate estimate of the approximate costs involved to package the items. It is NOT a contract for services.

The quick quote is based on the information provided. Changes in the actual count, composition, size or weight of an item or items can affect the actual price charged for the services.

The more information provided to us for your quote the more accurate your charges will be.

Packing design and methods can change based on the need of the packaging, so understanding what we are packing the item for will help us determine the right amount of packing materials and the correct amount of labor needed to package your items.

For added protection, Gateway Crate and Freight carries a 1 million dollar liability policy that covers items being handled by us both in our warehouse facility and at the service location, like in your home or place of business.