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Gateway Crate and Freight is Washingtons premier packing and shipping company. Located just a few miles from Seatac Airport at the Southcenter interchange of the I-5 and I-405 freeways our Tukwila Warehouse services the crating, palletizing, packing and shipping needs for commercial and residential customers located throughout the Seattle Tacoma Metro area. 

A full service custom crating and packing company. We specialize in "doing the work". While most 3PLs operate on coordinating freight movements or arranging packing and crating. We do the pickup, crating, packing, shipping and delivery of items everyday. 

Our decades of experience in crating and packing items for multi mode transport, along with our international certifications (IPPC Certified Wood Packing Materials Facility US-20110) our multi million dollar insurance and surety coverage as well as being a fully licensed FMCSA property broker (MC-917143 DOT 2638954)  has made us the one stop shop for crating, packing and shipping for many here in the Evergreen State.
We provide pickup and delivery services to all parts of the Seattle Tacoma area with equipment ranging from cargo vans to 26' trucks with lift gate equipment. Gateway Optimum Transportation is a licensed Motor Carrier (DOT 2939118) utilizing our equipment for short and long haul Transportation. 

Take a look at some of our past projects below to see what Gateway Crate and Freight can do for you:
Multi Container Pack and Ship Project
When an Airplane Production company sells their entire company to someone overseas there is the small matter of transferring all of the assets to the purchaser in the other country. That's where Gateway Crate and Freight comes in.

Our task was to take 8 airplane hangers worth of materials from Aircraft part molds to already produced fuselages and all the way down to each nut and bolt used for the assembly of the aircraft and get them into ocean containers and ship them to their new owner.

We started with packing of the smaller parts: nuts, bolts, screws into bags and boxes, along with blueprints, manuals and documentation, as well as electrical components, all bagged, boxed and palletized to get compact as possible in the container.

There are 100s of parts numbers on these boxes (Picture on the right --->)
It took a 5 man team 2 days just to get all of these small components bagged, boxed and palletized for loading. There were a few rooms of parts to start off with.

Along with large molds that are used to fabricate the wings, fuselage and tail were all the specialized tooling needed. Tool boxes full of tools that are used during the manufacturing process of these plane needed to be packed for loading into the container.

VCI wrap (Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor) was used on pretty much everything that was metal to ensure protection against rust and the effects of moisture on these items. The blue tinted wrap contains a chemical property that works as a desiccant. 

We utilized a number of different VCI wrapping products on these materials including paper VCI on smaller components. Great care was taken to ensure the safe arrival of these materials to their new home.

There was also an active craft that was flown one last time before it was grounded so that we could crate it up. The wings and landing gear were disassembled and we slat crated it to protect it in the container.

This next picture is us moving the crate with the plane on it, we kept the engine in the mount and wrapped it again with a VCI wrap, loaded this into the container and blocked and braced it before loading other material, the wings and landing gear in with it.

Of course the fully active plane was a very valuable part of the purchase, we packed, blocked and braced this plane and all its parts securely into the container. Creating a full protection build out up and around the slat crate to ensure the other parts did not shift move or come in contact with this plane during ocean and land transport.

By building up in each container we were able to maximize the density of the items in each container while also protecting the items from each other. The use of strapping, blocking and bracing and wrapping these items in each container made it a successful transfer of these valuable materials to the purchaser overseas.

This project took a 5 man crew a little under 2 weeks to complete from start to finish. The Gateway crew was able to take 8 airplane hangers of materials and fit them into 5 40' High Cube Ocean Containers.

Gateway Crate and Freight has been involved in many projects that required packing and stuffing ocean containers for shipping. This project in Toledo, WA required our Washington facility to coordinate the important steps of having the containers arrive and pickup on time as these containers were finished.

We specialize in large projects like this one. 

Give us a call for a free estimate if you have multiple containers needing to be professionally packed and economically shipped. 

TOLL FREE 855-474-4685.
LOCAL WA STATE 206-866-3983
Table Crate and Ship - Insurance Coverage
Gateway Seatac picked up this antique Asian table from the MBA Auction house in Renton, WA. Gateway provides pickup services, packing and shipping to MBA's worldwide clients. 

Gateway carefully packed this expensive table in a full wooden crate for best protection during shipping. The artwork on top of the table was wrapped in sheet foam, and Styrofoam to protect the table inside the crate. 

As this was a very expensive item, Gateway insured this piece in transit through a 3rd party insurance company. Gateway works with many insurance companies to ensure the proper coverage is selected at the best rates

If you have an auction win from the MBA Auction house or another auction company, please give Gateway a call at 206-886-3983
DNA Sequencer - University of Washington
Gateway Seatac removed this Illumina MiSeq DNA sequencing machine from the local University of Washington Genomics laboratory.

Gateway picked up this sensitive machine, took it to our Tukwila pack and ship facility where we packed and crated it for safe transport. We placed the machine on a 1” PE foam to absorb the vibration in transit. We then fully shrink wrapped this unit to protect it from outside contamination such as dust.

This particular machine we chose to ship on an air ride trailer to best protect it from the hazards of over the road freight transportation. Air ride equipment in trucks is best suited for this type of machinery since the trucks air ride equipment helps dissipate road vibrations much better than the spring shocks that are on standard trucking trailers. 

Our customer also chose to purchase an additional cargo insurance policy as this machine is very valuable. Inquire with your Gateway representative if your product may benefit from such coverage.

Please contact us today if you have a DNA sequencer or genetic analyzer. Gateway can remove this type of equipment from your lab or medical facility and professionally pack and crate your items for domestic or international shipping.

Call us today Toll Free 855-474-4685 or locally 206-886-3983

For the photos of the packing, crating and shipping of this equipment view below right under the list of cities we serve.
Final Mile Delivery (Assembly)-Steilacoom WA
The Gateway SEATAC Delivery team delivered a FLOATPOD into a Sea Spa located in Steilacoom. These PODS measure about 9 feet in length and almost 6 feet wide. The factory shipped this item to our warehouse in Tukwila where we arranged an appointment with the spa for delivery.

This item takes a 26' Lift Gate truck and 4 guys to ensure safe delivery. Once on site the crew uncrated (arrived in a slat crate) had the customer inspect the item, and then disassembled the pod into 3 pieces and moved each piece into the Spa Pod room, where the crew reassembled it. 

The POD is similar to a jacuzzi in that it is large, heavy and awkward. Gateway specializes in these types of moves, whether for delivery like this POD or for pickup, crating and packing to ship elsewhere. Gateway SEATAC has the knowledge and expertise to get the job done right.

Give us a call for a free estimate for your large, heavy or valuable items WA LOCAL 206-886-3983 US NATIONWIDE TOLL FREE 855-474-4685
Chiller Pack and Ship
Global Tech Equipment needed a water chiller economically packed and shipped from Seattle to New York. Gateway Crate and Freight specializes in wood, cardboard and foam packing of items like these to affordably protect equipment during shipping.

A custom wood pallet and block and brace packaging protected this unit above and beyond just strapping a box down to a pallet. The custom pallet also allowed our shipping rate to go down by shipping this item freight dimensionally without paying for the space of a full sized standard pallet that this may normally ship on.

Gateway also keeps in mind when designing our pallet bases the need for the delivery personal to be able to use equipment like pallet jacks to move your item around.

Having your own IPPC certified export crate wood shop (US-20110) available for your custom packing needs could help you save a significant amount of money on shipping and protect your items in the freight system from damage much better than standard pallet shipping.

Give us a call to find out what Gateway Crate and Freight SEATAC can do for you. 206-886-3983
Gateway Delivers Starbucks...Not the Coffee
Gateway was tasked to warehouse and then deliver drive thru signage for Starbucks. These were not packed and shipped but instead delivered using the Gateway Cargo Van Fleet. 

Gateway utilizes the optimum method of distribution from pickup to delivery. These signs were delivered via courier van  due to the installation schedule in what is called a "blanket wrap" service.

Our team and network has the resources to get the job done. Contact our SEA TAC office today to learn more about the delivery options we have for your unique products. 206-886-3983

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