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Machinery and Industrial Equipment Packaging and Shipping Services

Industrial Equipment can be large, heavy and expensive pieces of machinery that require special handling and custom packaging and transportation services.
Crating large Machinery to stabilize and protect it during transportation is a challenge, every job is unique and requires different tools, equipment and crate design. 

Production equipment made for use in the construction, aerospace, automotive, solar, medical, scientific and manufacturing process can be heavy, odd shaped and over sized so contact us today for professional packing and shipping services 

Packing and Crating services for industrial Machinery

New and Used machinery can be palletized or crated. Here at Gateway Crate and Freight we prefer to crate items, especially used machinery. We have successfully shipped many units by just blocking and bracing machinery on a pallet.

Shipping machinery that is not crated involves risks of damage. A full wood crate is made to protect items from other peoples freight. When an item is not fully protected, just palletized, it has a high risk in an LTL system of being scratched, gauged, dinged and damaged.

Most all of the LTL companies do the best job they can to move freight damage free but will limit their liability to these types of shipments especially when the item is used machinery. Check out the images below of both crated and palletized pieces of machinery. If you need more info about liability in shipping machinery please contact one of our packing professionals. 
Engineering Instrument for Arizona State University
ASU Engineering Machine
We have done a number of Crating and shipping jobs for Arizona State University over the years. Lately they have been shipping a number of delicate instruments for repair.

Getting their equipment to and from the manufacturer in perfect condition is imperative. The machine featured here is one of the more robust machines in that it is on wheels, smaller and just needed to be crated so that the manufacturer could repair and then use the same crate to return the instrumentation back to the University.

Since our warehouse is located just a mile from the main Tempe A.S.U campus we were able to do a campus pickup, bring the item to our warehouse, pack, crate and ship this quickly for them.

For this instrument we only had to use a 1" PE Foam to block the item in the crate and to cushion it and keep it from moving. We custom crated it to ensure the item could be put back in the crate after repair and not leave any room for the item to be packed differently than the way it shipped.

This will eliminate the possibility the repair facility cannot mis-pack the instrument when it is shipped back. Gateway Crate and Freight takes great care in thinking through how an item should be packed for shipment whether its one way or needing to be packed for return.

Contact the packing professionals for your valuable instrumentation. 855-474-4685 or local AZ 480-966-0795 
Crate Machinery for Container Export
Machinery Export Crate
This Insertion Machine was one of 22 Industrial machine tooling pieces that we packed and crated for containerization and export to Romania. All machines, tooling Dyes and parts were packed, V.C.I wrapped as well as blocked and brace in crates designed for optimal loading of a 40' High Cubed Container.

With all of this heavy equipment being shipped via ocean container we took great care in the design and packaging of the machines. 

We utilized a Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor (V.C.I) Poly sheeting (its the yellow plastic sheeting you see on the items) to cover the metal. The sheeting is covered in a compound that chemically releases during shipment to prevent the buildup of moisture and prevent rust on the equipment.

All items were blocked and braced in the crates to limit shifting or moving and to keep the items secure for their long journey. The weight and size of the items dictated that we package and crate the items to ensure proper loading and protection in the container.

The majority of the crates had to support over 2500 lbs of machinery so we made all the bases out of 2X6 top slats and double 2X4 stringers. It made for a sound and stable container for these items.

Gateway Crate and Freight has years of experience in packing, wrapping, crating and loading industrial equipment. We are an IPPC certified wood crate manufacturing facility and can block and brace containers utilizing pre- stamped lumber for dunnage.

If you have larger heavier tooling items we specialize in specialty crating and packing for shipping in export containers.
Industrial water purification machine palletize and ship
Large Machinery Palletize
Gateway Crate and Freight can custom build the pallet and block, brace and band your machinery so that it can safely ship across country or around the world.

This commercial grade reverse osmosis machine needed to be transferred to a plant in Texas and is 19 feet long! A custom pallet was designed to allow easy transfer of the unit loading by forklift and transferring by truck. 

We understand the requirements for both protecting the item from damage and properly packing the item to the specifications of the commodity for the class of shipping via truckload and LTL common carrier.

Give us a call the next time you have a large, fragile, over sized or valuable piece of industrial machinery you need shipped. We provide quality packing services and affordable discounted shipping rates. 
Industrial Laminating Machine
Laminator Pallet strapped to ship
Here is a picture of an industrial lamina tor while we were packing it for shipping to Florida. This large machine ended up in a full double corrugated box.

Blocking and bracing the item to the pallet is the key to shipping items so that they are not damaged during transit. This laminating machine because of its height was both blocked and braced on its base and strapped down to ensure it would not move in the box.

Gateway Crate and Freight has the experience and expertise to package your important machinery on site or at our warehouse so it can be transported safely. Whether your machine needs a full wood crate, palletized and boxed or just secured for transport. 
Industrial Machinery Pack and Ship
Industrial Machinery Packing
Gateway Crate and Freight can pack and ship large and over sized industrial machinery safely and afford ably.

Packing Machinery to move or transport doesn't always require a crate. The picture to the left shows a large machine that we custom palletized.

This machine was palletized, blocked, braced, wrapped and banded down with a metal band to the pallet.
The Machinery on the right hand side was fully crated. Follow the pictures from top to bottom to see the process.

Gateway Crate and Freight designed a custom pallet and the machine was bolted down to it.
We then shrink wrapped the machine to protect the machines moving parts and to keep dust and dirt out of it.

Walls were then put around the pallet so the machine would be fully crated and protected during transport.

This machine was shipping Consolidated ocean overseas so the crate we had to build had to be an IPPC certified export crate.
Commercial Machine Packing
Sewing Machine Pallet
Packing and Shipping Commercial Machinery that has delicate and fragile parts and pieces requires attention to detail and an understanding of the pitfalls of the transportation process.

Understanding vibration, shift, leverage and sway of an item in transport is extremely important when designing packaging for these machines.

Gateway Crate and Freight will design the shipping container whether box or crate to best protect items during air, sea, ground or rail transport.

Packing which includes, wrapping, blocking, bracing and stabilizing items in containers is what determines if a shipment is successful or not.

Crate and Freight, Pack and Ship, or even moving delicate and fragile machinery takes an understanding of the forces in play that could damage your item.

Gateway Crate and Freight takes great care and pride in appropriately packing and shipping Industrial Machinery. 
Foam Packing
Foam Corners to Protect Unit
Crate Packing
Wrapped in Crate
Crate Shipping
Crate Ready to Ship
VCI Wrap Shipping
V.C.I Wrap For Ocean Container Shipping
Block and Brace in Crate
Block and Brace Machinery in Crate
Full Wood Export Crate
Machine fully crated ready for Export
Machinery Pallet
Bolt Machinery to Pallet
Shrink Wrap Machinery
Wrap Machinery
Machinery Crate Build
Building Crate around Machine
Machinery Crate
Machine Crate ready to Export
We G..O.T. you covered for all of your Machinery Packing and Transportation needs