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Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor VCI Wrap International Ocean

Shipping International Ocean freight is an economical means of transporting your goods overseas. There are some very important packaging guidelines to follow when shipping this way however and most of it has to do with protecting your items from the adverse affects of moisture.

You will notice many items that you buy come with little white packets called desiccants in them. This is an hygroscopic substance used as a drying agent, it induces or sustains a state of dryness. It takes moisture out of the air to protect your goods from the damage moisture causes. The moisture from salt water (the ocean) can be especially harmful to many items.

On this page you will find a number of examples of how Gateway Crate and Freight utilizes VCI wrap to protect items when we ship Container or Less than Container loads to destinations overseas. Use of a Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor allows the release of corrosion preventive chemicals. VCI products come in paper, film, foam and poly sheeting. We primarily use a poly sheeting and shrink wrap combination to protect Items we ship internationally on the water.

Robotics Shipping Full Container Load Ocean to China

Robotics Shipping
The 3 Robots we crated traveling full container ocean freight to China could be susceptible to rust or corrosion from salt water if just shipped in a container without any protection. We utilized a VCI Poly Wrap that surrounds the entire machine.

We shrink wrapped the poly sheeting on the machines to keep the machine covered and then blocked and braced the items in their crates so they could not move. The yellow wrap contains a chemical that will be emitted to keep the metal inside dry and free of damages from corrosion.

These precision machines will be in a container on the ocean for around 30 days. That is more than enough time for salt water and even the moisture in the air to cause some damage to the fragile electrical components inside.

Using VCI wrap on these machines inside their wooden crates will ensure the item gets to the customer in China in great condition.

Call us to learn more on the steps you need to take to ensure your valuable machinery is wrapped with a volatile corrosion inhibitor the next time you are shipping ocean freight overseas. 

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Speakers LCL Ocean Freight to Australia

Audio Speakers Shipping
Audio Electronic Speakers are especially susceptible to damage from moisture when shipping them in an ocean container. Both the electrical connectors and wiring inside the enclosures as well as the woofer and tweeter cones can get damaged easily by excessive moisture in the air.

We took great care in wrapping these expensive speakers in VCI poly wrap to make sure they make the trip via LCL Container down to Perth, Australia.

The speakers were each wrapped individually then placed in the crates together with some foam bracing. The VCI wrap will also help protect the wood enclosures from excessive moisture while on the water.

We have shipped numerous audio electronics for this customer around the world. Our method of wrapping these types of items in a Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor Poly Wrap has been the secret to our success.

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Precision Controls VCI wrapped and Shipped Full Container to Italy

Machinery Export Crating
When a large global manufacturer needed to relocate precision machinery to another plant in Europe they called Gateway Crate and Freight to ensure their machinery was wrapped, blocked, braced and crated to ensure its safe arrival.

This machine as well as a few others were all wrapped and crated and shipped in a full 40 FT HQ container to Italy. The ocean voyage of over 30 days meant we needed to protect the machines from the adverse affects of moisture so we VCI wrapped each machine.

We inspect to ensure full coverage of the Yellow film wrap on the machines even though the VCI wrap we use allows for 1 square foot of coverage is needed for every 3 square feet of machine. But we like to ensure shipping success.

Want to learn more about the VCI process and how its an economical alternative to Vapor Bagging your valuable and sensitive items contact us today 480-966-0795 or Toll Free 855-474-4685

Robots Wrapped in VCI
Wrapped in VCI
Robot Crate
Robots Crated Ready to load in Container
Audio Speakers Wrapped VCI
VCI Poly Wrapping of the speakers
Export Crate VCI
Speakers Fully wrapped VCI and in Crate with foam.
VCI wrap Machine
Machine VCI wrapped for Export
Export Crate Machine
Export Crate being assembled