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Glossary of Terms

Gateway - Shipping point that serves as the primary arrival or departure point for a city, region, or country. Something that serves as an entrance or means of access: the gateway to success, the gateway to the West, Gateway Crate and Freight.

Crate -  A slatted wooden box or framework for packing, any completely enclosed boxlike packing or shipping case.

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Freight -  Also Cargo: Goods transported for pay, whether by water, land, rail or air the ordinary conveyance or means of transport of goods provided by common carriers: Shipping by freight is less expensive.

Air Cargo - Freight transported by an air carrier 

Banding - The procedure we use for protecting and binding items to a shipping a pallet or crate. Typically a nylon or metal thin strap is used to keep products secured in their place for shipping. 

Bill of Lading (BOL) - A Bill of Lading is a written receipt given by a carrier for goods being transported. It spells out the legal contract for the services rendered by the trucker or trucking company.

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Blocking - Pieces of wood or metal used for filling interstices, or for spacing, joining, or reinforcing. We block items in containers and crates to secure them during shipping. see Dunnage  

Bracing - Using various materials to fix packed products firmly, make them steady and secure them against pressure or impact. see Dunnage

Business Delivery/PickupA business delivery and pickup is a shipment to/from a commercial address, In general business addresses are considered to have the personnel or equipment capable of unloading a truck therefore business deliveries are generally less expensive than residential deliveries.

Business Delivery/Pickup with Lift Gate - In some cases businesses do not possess the equipment to unload heavy or large shipments from transportation vehicles. In some cases businesses require unloading assistance and need a lift gate.

Cargo - Freight, goods carried air, ship, train or truck

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Carrier Liability - Truck, Rail, Ocean and Air Carriers are normally liable for all damage, delay and loss of cargo except those arising from an act of God, act of the shipper and inherent nature of the goods from acceptance of cargo to delivery. Most carriers limit their liability based on the cargo being shipped and the rate being paid.   

Cartage - The process of carting, this includes hauling and drayage. Generally the transporting of goods for a short distance. see drayage 


Consignee - The Party named by the consignor in transportation documents as the party as to who the consignment will be delivered and is in general the owner (purchasor) of the items in the shipment. 

   Consignee Wiki

Consignor - A person or company that consigns goods to a carrier for transporting  

Container - A container used for shipping. A standardized transportation box for unitized freight handling with standardized equipment. There are two common sizes of Container for gorund and sea transportation a 20-Foot container and a 40-Foot Container. 53-Foot Containers have become more common for domestic transportation in the United States, Generally used for Intermodal Freight. see intermodal

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Courier - A company or an individual responsible for the exchange of items between two or more parties. Usually carriers are utilized when speed, security or a specialized service is needed.  

CWT - Per Hundred Pounds

Delivery - Transfer of shipping goods through legal and physical transfer of title to the consignee from the consignor. Usually through the use of a Bill of Lading or Delivery Receipt.

   Delivery Wiki  

Delivery Receipt - A document that is typically signed by the receiver of a shipment to indicate that they have received the item being shipped and have taken possesion of it.

Density - A measure of compactness, expressed as its mass per unit volume. It is measured in kilograms per cubic meter or pounds per cubic foot.

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Drayage - The act of transporting something a short distance by truck or other carriage. In general ocean and rail containers are drayed by truck out of ocean and rail ports to close delivery locations.

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Dunnage - Packing materials used in blocking, bracing, supporting and securing items for safe shipping and handling.

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DW - Double Walled Corrugated Box

Expo Delivery -  Delivery of freight to a trade fair, show, exposition or expo where timing, appointments and special care following the trade shows guidelines are necessary to ensure the timely showing of materials.

   Trade Fair Wiki

FCL (Full Container Load) - For Ocean freight that utilize a dedicated container for the transfer of your goods. 

Final Mile Delivery  - Deliveries needing special treatment for the final leg of a delivery. Sometimes involves setup, installation and inspection. 

First Mile Transport - Pickups needing special treatment for the first leg of transportation. Sometimes involves disassembly, special packing requirements and inspection.

F.M.C.S.A - Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration is part of the U.S Department of Transportation and is responsible for creating and ensuring motor carriers operating on our nations highways are following the laws, rules and regulations set forth by the U.S Government.

   FMCSA website    

Hot Shot - Expedited local transportation.  

Household Goods - Personal property belonging to an individual including (but not limited to) appliances, books, computers, clothing, electronics and furnishings. Many transportation companies are not licensed to move household goods only commercial property. Be sure your transport company is licensed. Gateway Crate and Freight is licensed by the Department of Transportation to move household goods.

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Inside Delivery - The arrangement of delivery where the driver or delivery team will deliver inside the door of a residence or office. This does not include delivery down or up stairs or down a hallway to a specific room. see white glove

Intermodal - The process of moving cargo in containerized units using different transport modes. All intermodal shipments involve more than one mode of transportation. Modes can be ocean, truck, rail or aircraft. Intermodal Freight has become a reliable, economical way to move freight around the world.

   Intermodal Wiki   

ISPM 15 - Is the International Standards for Phytosanitary Measures and is a guideline for regulating wood packaging material in international trade.

   USDA APHIS Website

Lift Gate - A lift gate is a mechanized closure at the end of a truck or vehicle that is used to load and unload cargo. Lift gates are utilized to lift or drop Heavy items that are at street level  

Loose Fill - Is any packing material to fill the space between the product and the shipping container like paper, foam or packaging peanuts. see packing peanuts

LCL (Less than Containerload) - When different owners of cargo share a container the freight inside is termed an LCL move or less than a full container.

LTL (Less than Truckload) - When different owners of cargo share a trailer the freight inside is termed an LTL move or less than truckload.

N.M.F.C - National Motor Freight Classification. The NMFTA organizations contract guidelines for commodity descriptions, classes, rules, packaging definitions, specifications and requirements, Bill of Lading formats and terms and conditions.

   NMFTA.ORG Website    

Notify Prior to Delivery - Delivery notification. The Consignee is notified by the freight carrier as to when the delivery will take place. Many Trucking companies charge for this service.

Off Site - When services are performed away from the companies or individuals owners property these services are considered to be rendered off site.

On Site - When services are performed on the company or individual owners property these services are considered to be rendered on site.

Order for Service - When packaging, crating, moving or transportation services are to be performed, we require an Order of Service to be signed. The Order for Service outlines the legal requirements of both parties for the services being rendered. 

Packing Peanuts - Loose Fill packaging peanuts come in different materials such as styrofoam, polystyrene or foam peanuts and starch based peanuts, some are made from recycled plastics some are biodegradable. The industry has for years worked toward environmentally friendly type packing materials. These peanuts are used for cushioning in shipping.

   Packing Peanuts Wiki 

Pallet - Sometimes referred to as a skid, a small, low, portable platform on which goods are placed for storage or moving.

   Pallet Wiki 

Parcel - a small package. Generally items that are not letters, but boxed or bundled for transportation. Parcel carriers are U.P.S, Fed Ex and the U.S. Postal Service all route parcels through their system. 

Pickup - The act of receiving items for packaging or shipment.

Polyethylene Foam - this packing foam comes in sheets or boards and is ideally suited for protective packaging.

PRO Number - PRO numbers are usually paired with a SCAC code and make a barcode that is scannable and a unique number for transportation tracking.  

Proof of Delivery (P.O.D) - A signed receipt indicating the transportation company has delivered the shipment to the consignor, and is proof that the contractual delivery has occurred. 

Residential Delivery - A residential delivery is a shipment to a home, this includes businesses operating out of homes. Residential deliveries are generally more expensive than commercial/business deliveries.

S.C.A.C - Stands for Standard Carrier Alpha Code a unique 2 to 4 letter code representing the freight carrier.   

Shipper - A person who makes goods available for shipping.

   Shipper Wiki

Shrink Wrap - A thin flexible plastic used to seal items together and protect them. Shrink wrap is designed to shrink to the contours of the items it surrounds.

   Shrink Wrap Wiki

Single Person Pickup/Delivery - Most pickups and deliveries can be performed by a single person. If it is a heavy load, a liftgate may need to be used. A single person pickup may also apply to pickups in which the shipper is willing to assist the driver with loading. see liftgate

Stackable - capable of being stacked on top of each other without harm or damage. 

Storage - The act of storing or the state of being stored.

Stripping - The term devanning is also used for this process but stripping is the process in which cargo is unloaded from a container.

Strapping - The process of using flexible nylon, polypropylene and or metal bands to bind items for ease of handling, storage and transportation.

   Strapping Wiki

Stuffing - The term vanning is also used for this process but stuffing is the process in which cargo is loaded blocked and braced into a container.

Surety Bond - A Freight Surety Bond like the one carried by Gateway Crate and Freight is one in which a bond is taken out to guarantee payment of freight services with truckers and transportation providers.

Terminal - A location where goods are loaded, unloaded or reloaded for further transportation

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Threshold Pickup/Delivery - Placed at or near a doorway 

TL (Truckload) - The amount in size or weight that a truck can carry. Equipment dedicated to one load.

Team Pickup/Delivery - Some pickups and deliveries require more than one person because the item is too heavy or too bulky or awkward for one person to move. A team pickup is any pickup that requires 2 or more people from Gateway Crate and Freight to perform the service. 

Warehouse - A building or part of one used for the storage of merchandise and goods.

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White Glove Service - Our premium shipping and delivery service. The ultimate customer service experience.

White Glove Delivery - Products delivered by our professional and courteous drivers where special care is given to the customer. Item is placed where needed in the home or office and all packing materials are taken away.

White Glove Pickup - Products are picked up on time and taken from the home or office by professional personnel with clean appearance and attention to customer service detail.

Wood Crate - A container made of wood used for packaging and containing items for shipment. We make these Smile