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Furniture Packing and Shipping

Gateway Crate and Freight has experience and expertise in packing and shipping your household goods Furniture items including Couches, Chairs, Tables, Dinette Sets, Desks, Sectional Sofas, Hutches, Ar moires, Dressers and Beds.

We also move appliances for residential and commercial customers including, refrigerators, Stoves/Ranges, dishwashers, clothes washers, heaters, and air conditioning units. We have the ability to pack as a box, slat crate or full crate depending on your shipping needs. 

If you have a small apartment or a few furniture items that need to be packed here in Arizona, we have a number of economical solutions for you.  

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Table and Chairs Pack and Ship

Table Shipping
The Mesa Marketplace swap meet has a host of vendors selling various items and we have had the pleasure of shipping a few larger furniture items for some vendors out there. This table and chair set was sold by Santa Fe Arts and Patio Furniture and needed to be safely transported to its new home in Minnesota.

The metal table and chairs are pretty heavy and the tile in the table needed to be protected. The table is laid down on a 1" polystyrene foam board while the table is also covered in polypropylene foam sheeting to keep it from scratching.

A custom box was made to protect the table and the table and box were banded down to the custom made pallet. The purchaser of this furniture is a shipping manager at a manufacturing facility and was well aware how freight is handled and he wanted us to pack it to ensure it arrived safely.

Gateway Crate and Freight specializes in safely packing furniture like this table set for transport via freight carriers. Once the table was safe and secure we wrapped the chairs in foam and began to pack them on top of the table box. Securing items inside its box is important to not allow the items to damage each other.

Proper packing and securing items inside containers is just as important as the integrity of the container itself. Certain commodities like furniture have packaging standards. For example we utilized a double corrugate sheeting to protect these heavy items.

Gateway utilizes over a dozen nationwide and regional LTL carriers to transport our packed items. Our years of experience has helped us to identify the strengths of each carrier and utilize them when it is in the best interest of our customer.

We can offer you a free quote on packing and shipping your furniture items. We have shipped tables, dressers, beds, chairs, couches, sectional sofas, armoirs, display cases and more.

Find out what it takes to professionally protect your furniture items while economically shipping them.Give us a call 480-966-0795 also you can visit our furniture page to see more items we have shipped.
Couch Box and Palletize

It can be pretty expensive to move furniture across the country with a van line or as a padded van move especially if you are only moving one or just a few pieces of furniture. Our February shipment of the month is a couch with a few accessories.

A less than truckload or L.T.L move can be an optimal way to get your couch from Arizona to Indiana like we did this one. The key is proper packaging.

We foam and shrink wrapped this couch and then built a custom box around it after it was secured to the custom pallet. We banded the box down to the pallet and had it lift gate delivered to the residence. The customer was extremely pleased with the price and the service. Give us a call at Toll Free 855-474-4685 to learn more about your options for shipping a few pieces of furniture. Check out our furniture page for more info.
Kids Kitchen Furniture Set

Kids Furniture Pack and Ship
This cute custom made kids kitchen playroom set has been used by the children in this family for decades and now a new generation of kids can enjoy it. But the kids in this family who can now enjoy these things live all the way in Georgetown, Mass.

Since this furniture had been in the family for many years, it was very important that it was packed and shipped as safely as possible. The customer came by our pack and ship facility in Tempe and asked many questions and decided on having us custom box each piece.

A combination of sheet foam and bubble wrap was used for the items on the inside of the box and the boxes were then strapped down to the pallet to ensure they didn't move.

We always make sure all pallets are larger then the boxes stacked on them. The customer called us after his daughter received them in Massachusetts to tell us they arrived in "Perfect condition" and Thanked us. Want to know your options when packing and shipping valuable items across the country or around the world? Give us a call 480-966-0795.
Big Blue Sofa Pack and Ship

Sofa Couch Pack and Ship
Another eBay store client sold this eclectic blue sofa to a customer in Rhode Island and called on Gateway Crate and Freight to pack and ship it so it arrived safely and shipped economically.

We picked up this sofa from a store in Mesa. We carry a number of larger pallets at our warehouse to accommodate furniture like this and so it was easy to find the perfect fit for this sofa.

The sofas odd shape made it a challenge to find the right combination of protection and security for this shipment. We secured the couch onto a pallet using nylon strapping and cardboard while shrink wrapping the couch to keep off dust and dirt.

The custom box was created out of double walled corrugated material for added protection, The double walled cardboard is actually pretty sturdy. Many clients only request single corrugate due to cost but the double adds to the protection of the item.

As you can see from the pictures to the right the sofa went through a number of different packing stages to get to the final picture where it was ready to ship.

Gateway Crate and Freight designed this to 1. Protect the cover and finish by shrink wrapping the sofa. 2. Secured the sofa to the pallet so it could not move off of it and get damaged, by nylon banding it down and 3. Built a custom double corrugated box to house the entire sofa. 

We design custom professional protective packaging systems for all types of items to ensure the safest movement possible at an affordable and reasonable price.

If you have odd shaped or large furniture to move or ship, contact us today for a free quote or estimate Toll Free 855-474-4685 Local 602-321-0514.
Antique Desk Pack and Ship
Antique Table Shipping
Many furniture items that need to be packed and shipped must be handled with care and packed sufficiently, especially when its an antique desk with a glass top like this one. 

Its important to pack the glass completely separate. It was packed in its own box with bubble wrap and foam to ensure it didn't break. 

Sometimes items like this need to be packed in a way to reduce stress on the already fragile old parts, for this table the legs were pretty shaky. For this reason we packed it to travel on its top. We completely covered the top and corners with a 1" foam and shrink wrap.

A custom box was made so the table fit snug in the box. We don't always recommend tables get shipped in this manner but every situation is different and that's where understanding the different stresses that can happen to a shipment can be the difference between a successful shipment and your valuable cargo getting damaged. 

We use high quality packing materials to protect furniture for shipment, always keeping in mind the manor in which it will be picked up, transported and delivered. 

There are many different ways to ship furniture which includes, just blanket wrapping the item and moving it, Boxing and palletizing an item with some protection, slat crating an item which means we box and build a wood frame around the box for added protection.

If you really want to protect a furniture item because it is extremely fragile or very valuable we can put a full crate around it. We can also ship furniture by any method across the United States, Canada and Mexico. We have also have the ability to ship your furniture overseas.

Desks, tables and cabinets primarily made of wood need to be packed and shipped in a manner that protects the entire unit, we have packed and shipped furniture items for both commercial and residential customers. 

Gateway Crate and Freight packed and shipped this fragile Antique desk, the customer requested that this particular item just needed medium protection with a box and pallet and the customer was so happy it arrived safe and secure.

Call us today to discuss the options we have for protecting your furniture while shipping. Gateway Crate and Freight 855-474-4685.

Bed Frame/Headboard Pack and Ship 
Headboard Bed Frame Pack and Ship
This Fabric Headboard with Rails and Foot Board needed to be packed and shipped. We decided to protect it by putting it in one BIG BOX. We wrapped, built custom corner protectors, and then built a big custom box to put it all in.

We do the same process when we ship a mattress or box spring. We put the items in a plastic mattress bag, attach extra corner protectors and then build a custom box and ship it. We have the network to get items like these from anywhere to anywhere.

For this Bed unit we also boxed the metal rails so that the could not damage the fabric items. Once the entire unit was protected in plastic wrap. the box of rails were secured, wrapped as well in the bottom of the custom box.

Once the box was complete we used nylon strapping to help hold everything together. Also these straps make it much easier for trucking companies and movers to pick up and move the box with out damaging the items.

They key to a successful shipment is the packing. Packing to survive the shipment, for example this bed set unit was only shipping between points here in the U.S but had this needed to ship overseas, the packaging may had been much different. Traveling truck here domestically we don't have to worry about the affects of saltwater but you do when the item is shipping in an ocean container overseas.  

Gateway crate and freight has the experience to pack and ship many different types of headboards, bed rails, beds and mattresses including brass headboards and foot boards and solid wood framed units.

Give us a call for your next mattress or bed frame shipment 480-966-0795
Shipping Chairs
Chairs to Pack and Ship
Pack and Ship Table
Foam Wrap Legs Box Table Top
Wrapping chairs
Wrapped and packed to protect Chairs will then be shrink wrapped in place
Table Box Shipping
Boxed and ready to ship. All the way to Minnesota
Couch Packing
Custom Pallet and Box for the Couch Wrapped in Foam
Shipping a couch
Leather Couch is wrapped boxed banded and ready to ship
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Bubble Wrapped to Box
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