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About Gateway Crate and Freight


Gateway Crate and Freight LLC is a professional crating, packaging and shipping company began in 2012 in Tempe, Arizona by Steven Tittle (AKA Papa Freight) providing on site and off site crating and packing services for commercial and residential customers located in the greater Phoenix Metro area.

The company has expanded into facilities in California and Washington State and has expanded its Pack and Ship capabilities to become a full service Logistics Provider.   

Steven started in Freight Logistics in 1984 when at the age of 17 he was loading C-141 Cargo Aircraft while serving our country in the U.S. Air Force. 

Before starting Gateway Crate and Freight Steven worked for a number of companies where he built up his knowledge base for the business. 

In the last three decades Steven has: Loaded and unloaded freight into and out of cargo aircraft, ocean/intermodal containers, rail boxcars, flatbed and van trucks, moving PODS and parcel vans. 

Our Founder has also managed a number of supply chain departments including warehousing, inventory, purchasing, traffic, distribution and logistics. 
Steven Tittles specific 40 years experience in Freight includes:
Inbound Transportation Manager for a National Office Supply Chain Company
Franchise setup of Regional Pack and Mail Centers
Operations Roll for a National Crate and Freight company.
Freight Broker and Carrier Operations Manager
Warehouse and Transportation Manager for a Global Beauty Supply products company
Director of Distribution for a Multinational Consumer Electronics Firm
Global Logistics Manager (VMI) for a manufacturer and distributor of Lumber Forest Products

Steven has both purchased packaging and shipping services during his career as well as offered these services to other companies. He started Gateway Crate and Freight as a solution to the problems inherent in Freight distribution.

"Protection" of Freight is the starting to point to any successful shipment. Steven has made it the mantra of our company. Why ship anything if its going to be damaged when it arrives to the customer?

Crating and proper packaging comes first, Freight movement is actually the second most important part of shipping, If you believe in Stevens mantra then welcome to Gateway Crate and Freight.  

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