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Household Goods and Personal Effects shipping

Gateway Crate and Freight can help you pack and ship your small personal items. The shipments discussed below were an ideal and economical way to move. A large household move is best suited for the National Van Lines, but when you only have a few items, like a couple of pieces of furniture or clothes and kitchen items a palletized and L.T.L move may be best suited for you.

We have performed this service for a number of college students moving out of their dorm or apartment and moving on to a new job in a new city or back home to use their degree to find their next new adventure. We have performed a number of college moves for students. Try our small household goods or college move services today. 

Gateway OT IS NOT A MOVING COMPANY. but we can assist in packing and shipping of a few small Household items or personal effects.  
Household Goods Personal Effects to Kuwait
We packed, crated and shipped these Personal Effects to Kuwait. This included clothes, camera and laptop among other things. 

The process of moving personal effects worldwide is not a problem but you have to make sure you have a very detailed inventory list of the items you are shipping.

The key to keeping down the cost of any International shipment is the size. Gateway Crate and Freight makes every effort to pack items so that they are protected and secured from each other, while trying to create the smallest footprint possible.

This shipment was less than 1 CBM and weighed 137 Kilos. Its footprint in inches was 28 X 45 X 40 all the items wrapped, boxed and then stacked and the crate pallet bottom. Its like playing Tetris, making all the items fit into the best configuration possible.

Once we like our size we shrink wrap the boxes together, in this instance we applied a V.C.I plastic wrap around the shipment before attaching the walls of the crate. 

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Small Household Goods Move

Pack and Ship Household Goods
Our pack and ship service is sometimes the perfect way to move. Our shipment of the month is a small apartment move for someone who knows a lot about moving, his job has transferred him numerous times over the last couple of years.
He had about 10 boxes of clothes, books, dishware, some sports equipment and a TV, Video console and some wall art. We were able to pickup, pack and ship all of his items on one Pallet!

His small move from Arizona to New York was perfect for him. Our service was convenient, economical and everything arrived in perfect condition. Some of the glassware and artwork was bubble wrapped and foam wrapped by our packing professionals.

The TV was boxed with a 1 inch PE foam and it was protected by placing it in the middle of the pallet between the clothes to prevent damage. In general if you have a small move like this, even if you have a couple of pieces of furniture but all of your items would fit an about 3 pallets or less our pack and ship option may work perfect for your move.

Gateway Small Move Services
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College Move

College Move
You don't realize how much stuff you accumulate while in college. This dorm room at Arizona State University was no exception. Our pack and ship services worked perfect for this graduate.

This one pallet shipment consisted of televisions, clothes and memorabilia like wall art that we picked up, packed and shipped to his new home. Everything was packed either by being wrapped in Bubble or foam, boxed nicely and shipped.

He was extremely appreciative of the hard work we did, if you have never been in a dorm environment during move out day, it can be pretty hectic, especially in one with elevators being used by everyone at the same time. 

We sent a team of 2 guys and a cargo van to help move his stuff out of the dorm, packed the items at our warehouse, just a few blocks from the dorm at A.S.U, safely packed his items and it all arrived in good condition to his new residence.

This last picture is what his shipment looked like after being packed, wrapped and palletized.

Gateway College Move and Small Move Services
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Household Goods Move
Protective Wrap for Shipping
Household Goods Wrapping
Banded and Secured to Pallet to Ship
Dorm Move
Items accumulated in college to pack
College Dorm Move A.S.U
All items packed safely ready to ship