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FAQs for Gateway Crate and Freight


What can I ship with you?


We can ship any size, shape, weight or value. Oversized, odd shaped or fragile items are our specialty. There are some items that cannot be shipped in commerce without proper permits and authorities to do so. Liquor is regulated by the State and some require shipments only be done through licensed distributors while others outright prohibit direct shipment. We currently do not handle Hazardous Materials shipments or the shipment of firearms.


I have an eBay Store, Can you ship my fragile, valuable items that need extra protection to my customers?

We specialize in these kinds of shipments adding extra protection to ensure your item is received by your customer in the same condition it was purchased by them. Some eBay stores add our name to their store as their shipping company to enhance their offering to their custiomers.

I need boxes and packing supplies, can these be purchased from you?

We buy our quality made boxes and packaging supplies in bulk, getting a discount from the manufacturer allowing us to offer them to you at a discount.

Our company demos our items at various Trade Shows and Expositions around the country. Do you make custom made reusable crates?

We make all types of wood crates, we specialize in helping companies determine the best type of reusable crate for their demo items. Using quality wood and hardware. We can make lockable, hinged, rolling, reusable crates for your Expo Materials.

How do I save money shipping freight to a residence?

1. Try to get delivery to a commercial address. The difference between a commercial delivery and a residential is always going to be $30-$50 more to a residence.

One way to eliminate this charge when you don't have a commercial address to deliver too is to have the customer pick the item up at the freight terminal. The freight terminal will even help them load the item into their car, van or truck for free as long as the item safely fits and loads into the pickup vehicle. We can even provide you with the distance from the residence to the terminal to determine if your customer would be willing to pickup to save that $30 to $50.

2. When items are over 100 lbs its generally not recommended to ship to a residence without a lift gate. A lift gate also adds another $25-$100 to a delivery depending on the availability of that equipment in the delivery area. If the receiving customer has the manpower to lift the item off the back of the truck and lower it to the street without the assistance of the truck driver than a lift gate fee will not need to be paid. When you pay for a residential lift gate the trucker is required to roll the item as far as he can roll it. So up to a door or into a garage is common for this service.

3. Requesting an item be delivered inside would add another $50-$100. Inside delivery means the trucking company in most cases has to send two drivers out with the shipment. The two drivers would then have to take the item into the house. It does not mean they have to un-box and setup the item it just means they have to take the box inside the door.

4. White glove delivery can also be requested. This service in most cases adds another $100 to $200 to the bill. This would mean that the delivery team would take the item out of the box. setup the item in the room of choice and remove all packing materials etc to the customers satisfaction.

What Insurance Coverage do I get from Gateway Crate and Freight?

Gateway Crate and Freight carries a $1,000,000.00 General Liability policy which protects your items when we are storing, crating or packing your items. This coverage is included at our crate, pack and ship facility as well as when we crate pack and ship items off site, say at your house or at your business office.

By law Gateway Crate and Freight is required to cover all items at .60 a lb when shipping or in transport. If an item is declared to have a value higher than .60 a lb then additional coverage must be purchased by the customer and can be purchased by us for you. We can include this cost in your quote.

What are your Terms of Service if I have you pack and/or ship my items?

It is the customers responsibility to ensure the correct pickup and delivery address and contact information is provided. Any charges associated with incorrect information on this O.O.S is the responsibility of the customer.

CRATING: When building crates to spec the Order of Service will define the primary size specification by Inside Dimensions or Outside Dimensions. By signing the Order of Service the customer agrees to pay in full Gateway Crate and Freight LLC for Crates based on these specifications.

LIABILITY: Gateway Crate and Freight will not be held financially liable for any amount above the minimum required by law. As a 3rd party logistics company we are limited to a maximum liability of .60 a lb. By signing the Order of Service the customer agrees to this level of liability.

TERMS AND CONDITIONS: Filing of Claims/Complaint Procedures: Gateway Crate and Freight LLC shall not be liable for the loss or destruction of, or missing goods, or damage of goods tendered here under or any part thereof, unless claim is made in writing and supported by proof of ownership, together with substantiation of value, and weight. As a condition precedent, all outstanding moneys due to Gateway Crate and Freight must be paid in full before a claim can be submitted.

Summary of Dispute Settlement Program: Gateway Crate and Freight LLC and claimant agree to participate in a neutral arbitration program designed to give neither the service provider nor the customer any special advantage. Each Party is responsible for their own costs associated with arbitration.

Agreed Pickup and Delivery Schedule: Gateway Crate and Freight is required to pick up and deliver with reasonable dispatch and in a reasonable time. Any oral promises made regarding delivery or pick up dates and times are only estimates. This time frame may change based on weather, road and traffic conditions, other acts of God, delivery schedule, geographic location and other unknown factors.

Sever ability: If any part of this contract is found to be unlawful or invalid, the remaining terms and conditions shall still be enforceable.

Agreed Mandatory Choice of Law, Venue and Jurisdiction: If a lawsuit becomes necessary to resolve any dispute between Gateway Crate and Freight LLC and the customer said suit shall and must only be brought in circuit or county court in and for Maricopa County, Arizona. Suits involving disputes over interstate or International Services must be limited to the governing federal law. Both parties agree to submit themselves to the jurisdiction of the Arizona Courts and agree given the relationship to the state, such exercise is reasonable and lawful. Customer consents to jurisdiction in Maricopa County, Arizona and hereby waives the right to be served within the State of Arizona.

Form of Payment: All payments for crating and packing must take place according to the Finance terms of the O.O.S and can be paid by credit card, cash or check. All Credit Card processes are charged a 3% fee as noted above. Customer is responsible for all charges associated with any returned check fees. Credit Card charge backs will become valid Invoices that must be paid for by Money Order, Cashier Check or wire transfer. Unpaid Invoices will receive an added non Payment charge of $35 every 30 days that the Invoice becomes Past Due.

Gateway carries a $1,000,000.00 liability policy that only covers items on site and off site during storage or packing.

Any issues involving the performance of this service must be addressed during the time of service in writing.
The customer (or his/her representative) by his/her signature hereby orders the services outlined herein to be performed on his or her behalf. Customer has read, clearly understands, and agrees to ALL of the terms and conditions of the Order of Service.

Can you pack my items to ship overseas?

  • Gateway Crate and Freight is an IPPC ISPM 15 certified crate producer. We can manufacture pallets, crates and provide container dunnage using our export certification and can package to ship your household goods or commercial property overseas. 

How do I save money shipping freight to a residence?
How do I save money shipping freight to a residence?

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