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Antiques Professional Packing and Shipping

Antique Packing and Shipping

Priceless, fragile and valuable antiques should be handled with care especially when they need to be moved or shipped. Gateway Crate and Freight specializes in professionally packing and shipping your priceless antique items. Packing and Crating services for your Antiques.
Over-sized Antique Mirror Packing
Antique Mirrors packing
Two over-sized antique mirrors were brought to our Tempe pack and ship facility to be packed and shipped "without getting broke" is what the customer said. O.K well we know how to get that done for you.

These larger of the two mirrors was 62 inches by 54  inches with the other just slightly smaller. We decided to pack them and ship them as one unit. 

The first step in packing all mirrors and glass is to tape them with strapping or masking tape. This ensures that even if the mirror cracks it doesn't break off into pieces and damage the wood frame or more of the mirror.

Packing of the mirrors continued with individually wrapping each with large bubble wrap. Cardboard was cut to fit directly over each glass unit inside the frame for extra protection. The two units were then shrink wrapped together.

Both were then placed on a 2" PE Foam base that assists in shock absorption and protects the frame and the glass during transit. 

Another 1" EP foam was added to each front. The stiffer foam board helps tighten the units and the packaging and provides another inch of protection against damage.

A custom cardboard box and a plywood slat crate was added for even more protection against other freight coming in contact with the mirrors. A strong double corrugated cardboard was used here. The mirrors arrived on the other side of the country in perfect shape.

Notice the plywood added to the sides of the base. it serves two purposes here. First it protected the sides from being hit be other freight and second it is nailed and connected to the base allowing the mirrors to only travel upright in its best transportation position.

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Antique Victrola Pack and Ship
Antique Victrola Pack and Ship
They don't make things like they used to. This antique Victrola is a classic example of fine workmanship. Even though the cabinetry housing is nice and sturdy old wood becomes fragile as it dries out over time.

This customer wanted a safe boxed solution for her Victrola so we used foam sheeting and foam plank to encase the antique in a box and give it some added protection. A custom box was made to fit and protect the Victrola as it traveled on a pallet with some other items.

Protecting the inside of the Victrola was important too. Ensuring that the movable items like the stylus and needle were secured so as not to damage them during movement. The foam and shrink wrap helped keep the doors of the cabinet closed and secured while it moved.

Family heirlooms like this are keepsakes that need to be packed and shipped correctly, so we take great care in handling these items.

Our customer was very pleased to find all of her items arrived safe and in great condition. Gateway Crate and Freight specializes in shipping antiques, especially furniture items that are over sized, odd shaped or needs extra protection and special care when being moved or shipped.

Get a free quote today for packing and shipping your antiques from Arizona to anywhere in the United States and around the world we have the professional packing services and the shipping and moving options you need to get the job done right.

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Antique Glass and Mirror Display Case 
Glass Display Case Packing
When packing and shipping a glass display case with a mirror backing all the way to Alaska, you must ensure that you can account for both the bouncing of the truck and the swaying of the boat since we shipped this from Arizona to Washington State and then on a boat from Washington to Anchorage, Alaska.

Again like most antiques this item was a family heirloom, and the family wanted to make sure it was professionally packed and shipped so they turned to Gateway Crate and Freight to get this antique to its new home.

We picked it up, packed it and shipped it. It traveled for 8 days and made it in perfect condition. During packing we go to great lengths to ensure that if the glass or mirror broke it did not damage the wood of the Cabinet, so we apply a reinforced strapping tape to the glass in mirror.

After some foam padding, including 2" of foam underneath the legs in the box to cut down on vibration, we custom boxed this antique and palletized it.

If you have a fragile antique and want it professionally packed and shipped give Gateway Crate and Freight a call. Free Packing and Shipping Quotes Toll Free at 855-474-4685  Local 602-321-0514 .
Bubble wrap Cardboard
One Mirror fully wrapped
2" Foam Base Packing
2" Foam Base Packing
1" EP Foam Board Pack
1" EP Foam Board added to front and back
Mirrors Packed and Shipped
Mirrors Completed Ready to Ship
Foam Wrap Antiques
Foam Wrapped Victrola
Foam Plank Packing
Custom Boxed in Foam Plank
Palletize Antiques
Victrola Palletized Ready to Ship
Custom Antique Box
Custom box for Mirrored Display case

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