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Artwork Packing, Crating and Shipping

Art packing and Art shipping
Packing and shipping fine, fragile, valuable one of a kind pieces of art takes extreme care and special handling. The Gateway Operations team has the experience and expertise to handle your art packaging and shipping needs. Artists, Gallery Owners and Museum Operators want one thing: Make sure my Works of Art are packed and transported to ensure they don't get damaged. 

Art Handling Services for canvas paintings, glass framed art, bronzes, ceramics and sculptures requires professional know how when it comes to the optimum packing and shipping combination for your artwork.

Gateway Optimum Transportation can help you determine what method of transport is right for your art piece. Many fragile items require special transport services that include Air Ride or Shuttle transportation.

Items traveling overseas or internationally will require special packaging, including meeting international packaging standards such as ISPM-15 Wood Packing Materials for crated items shipping between participating countries. Gateway Crate and Freight is a IPPC certified facility for export crating (License US-20468). 

Make sure you understand your artwork packing and shipping options. For a free quote today call 480-966-0795 for Optimum Packing and Crating Services for your valuable Artwork.
Paintings Crate Pack and Ship
We professionally package, crate and ship many pieces of artwork over the course of a year. In terms of quantity, framed oil paintings (in glass or just canvas), are the most requested artwork item we are asked to protect.

In this shipment we had both a glass and canvas painting shipping together. The owner of the artwork wanted the best protection for these works of art. We picked up, packed, custom crated and shipped these paintings to their new home.

For all glass covered paintings we apply a cross of masking tape adhered to the glass. In case the glass breaks or cracks the masking tape is there to keep the glass together, its if the glass starts to separate, that damage like scratching can occur to the painting. So the tape is more of an added level of protection for the painting.

We bubble wrapped and shrink wrapped this painting after the masking tape was applied to the glass. Although these paintings were riding on foam, the bubble and shrink wrap combination helped add more protection to the painting and glass frame.

We also added a custom cut piece of cardboard to the back to keep the hanging wire from puncturing or damaging the canvas, although this is the back, the wire without this separation could end up penetrating the canvas and damage the front if left without protection.

The paintings are then crated with 1" EPS foam (Polystyrene) between each one and around the crate. Gateway Crate and Freight uses an EPE foam (Polyethylene) for the top and bottom. The difference is in the way the foams protect items like glass.

You need a more flexible foam that reduces shock and vibration on the bottom and top which you get from the EPE. On the sides you want the paintings to stay firm in position so we utilized the EPE.

Many Galleries and Artists rely on Gateway Crate and Freight to pickup, pack, crate and ship their valuable paintings. Give us a call for a free quote.
Fragile Art Shipping 
Sand Art Wall Picture
Packing and shipping something as fragile as Sand Wall Art requires special transportation services and experienced crating and packing specialists. Gateway Crate and Freight specializes in the movement and packing of valuable and fragile works of art.

Moving Framed Art in Glass 
Picture Art Pack and Ship
When high resolution or valuable artwork is in glass and a frame it is important to protect the artwork from the glass. Although this wall art is a large high resolution picture the owner wanted these pictures to be protected and boxed.

The owner was moving and the moving company said they could blanket wrap and move these safely. The owner was skeptical and also might store these for a while so he had us come out and professionally pack and box these works of art.

Gateway Crate and Freight can professionally pack and ship your glass framed wall art.
Full Crate Expensive works of Art
Protect Art Fully Crate
This painting was fully crated on site at the residence to protect it for a move. Gateway Crate and Freight carries a 1 million dollar liability insurance policy that covers your items whether we are packing it in our pack and ship facility or at your home or office while we move and pack your items.

The very valuable painting was wrapped and fully crated on site to ensure it would not be damaged during the move. We specialize in custom crating fine pieces of art and pride our selves on our custom packing work. 

These art pieces we protected the frame with foam sheets, wrapped the entire piece of art work to protect it from any elements and placed Foam board inserts into the custom crate.Gateway Crate and Freight has the experience you need to safely pack and ship your valuable art pieces. 
Consignment Wall Art
Wall Art Shipping

Consignment stores have a variety of items offered for sale and when that sale takes place to a client outside of the state or the country they call Gateway Crate and Freight to ensure their valuable sale is professionally packed, crated and shipped.

December’s shipment of the month is no exception. Valued at $10,000 this unique painting needed to be packed, crated and shipped. The painting consist of three individual panels measuring 72" high, 22" wide and 6" deep.

Gateway Crate and Freight wrapped each panel individually with wax paper. Wax paper is a great protective cover for a painting like this because it is a protective wrap that won’t react with the paint. To hold the paper together we used tape, but only on the backside of the painting. No tape was used on the front to ensure no adhesive could come in contact with the artwork.

The panels were then bubble wrapped and shrink wrapped, again during this process no tape was used on the front or sides of the painting.

A full wood crate was built with a shelving unit that allowed each piece to travel apart from each other. Each piece traveled only on its backside protecting both the front and sides from contact with the crate.

Attention to detail on this move was important from pickup to packaging and crate design through shipping and ultimately delivery. Gateway Crate and Freight can help you ensure professional packaging and shipping for any artwork you have.

Pottery Pack and Ship
Pottery pack crate and ship
Fragile items like pottery can be successfully shipped when packed professionally. 

Let Gateway Crate and Freight design the right kind of packaging for your next shipment of fragile artwork. We use high quality packing materials including bubble wrap, foam and boxes and can recommend the right package for you.
Painting Glass Masking
Painting Glass Masking
Cardboard Protection
Cardboard Protection
Packed in Crate
Packed in Crate
Fully Crates
Fully Crated
Wall Art Crate
Full Wall Art Crate
Glass Wall Art Pack
Glass Wall Art Boxes
Crate Foam Pack
Art Crate Foam Packing
Fine Art Crates
Fine Art Crates
Paper Wrap Artwork
Wax Paper Wrap Packing
Painting Crate
Crate Shelves
Artwork Shipping Crate
Full Artwork Crate
Pottery Crate
Pottery Crate
We have experience professionally packing, custom crating and transporting a number of valuable pieces of Artwork for Artists, Galleries and Museums. The Gateway Operations Team is dedicated to ensuring these valuables are picked up, stored, packed, shipped and delivered with the security and integrity, that one of a kind pieces of Art require.

Gateway has experience Packing and Shipping:


      • Paintings
      • Sculptures
      • Pottery/Ceramics
      • Glassworks
      • Archeological Collections
      • Architectual Collections
      • Art Gallery Collections
      • Museum Collections
      • Antique Collections

We G.O.T. you covered for all your Art distribution needs