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eCommerce Store Packing, Shipping and Delivery Services

Gateway Crate and Freight provides packaging and shipping services for eBay stores and their customers. We have the experience and expertise needed to ensure your eBay sold items are packaged and shipped successfully to anywhere in the U.S and around the world.

We specialize in packing and shipping the large, odd shaped and fragile pieces, but our volume shipping discounts apply to all shipments and can save you money even on the smallest of items.

eBay store owners can concentrate on their business and have piece of mind that your item is sufficiently packaged and shipped in a manner that will ensure your customer is happy when they receive their item they just purchased from you.

eBay purchasers can call or use our online Easy Quote feature to get a rate to pickup, pack and ship their items they purchase from an eCommerce store, in many cases saving money and always getting a little more protection for their valuable eBay purchase.

Packing and crating services for Etsy and eBay store owners. We offer warehousing, fulfillment and local delivery services for eCommerce company sold goods. We offer white glove and inside delivery services for larger and heavier items as well as customer service related deliveries for samller goods.    

eBay and Etsy Store Program

Call us Toll Free 1-855-474-4685 to learn more about our eBay store packing and shipping program. Find out how we can help you sell more eBay items to more customers in more places around the world. 

Gateway Crate and Freight has shipped a number of valuable and fragile pieces of artwork, expensive refurbished microelectronics, auto body parts and many many more items all sold from Etsy and eBay stores. 

Be sure to let us know you are an Etsy or eBay store or that you are purchasing from an eBay or Etsy store when requesting a quote.

If you are looking to clear out your house or garage of your eCommerce store items Gateway Crate and Freight offers economical warehousing and order fulfillment services.
Medical Equipment Custom Pack and Ship
Medical Equipment Shipping
We have a customer that sells different used medical devices on eBay, We have shipped a number of different items from medical surgery lighting to medical exam chairs and tables.

This particular item is a Tissue Tek machine, a medical measuring device that has delicate measuring instrumentation that needed to be protected very well before being shipped.

Since protecting the instruments was key we used a 2" PE foam for the bottom so that the packaging would take up the road vibration and bumps and protect the fragile devices inside the machine.

In addition we added a 1" Foam board to the front and top to protect the electronic boards and gauges. The custom double corrugated box was made to protect the item on the skid.

Notice the final boxed pallet. The medical device is packed securely in the box and the box is strapped to the pallet. 

It shipped and successfully delivered. We look forward to packing and shipping more for our friends medical equipment eBay store. 

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Gateway Crate and Freight provides professional custom packing to residential and commercial clients.
Tips and Warnings

Carrier Liability:

We have noticed a recent trend of carriers adding limited liability provisions specifically aimed at eBay, Amazon and Etsy sellers. For example one carrier has a provision limiting their liability to .10 a lb for articles sold through these online commerce stores. Lets take for example you sell a used refrigerator and you are shipping it to the customer.

The normal tariff says the commodity Appliances (Refrigerators, Stoves etc) are covered for $1.00 a lb. Now lets say for example the refrigerator is 600 lbs that means you are covered for $600 and the carrier is liable for that amount if its lost, stolen or damaged.

Your refrigerator is damaged and you submit the invoice to show the value of your appliance, that the person you sold it to paid $600 for it and they lost it. 

The problem now is, the invoice and payment transaction was through eBay, the carrier specifically in its tariff states that this used refrigerator was sold through eBay and their maximum liability is .10 a lb or $60. Be careful not to get $60 for a $600 refrigerator.
Proper Packing:

Another thing that some eBay and eCommerce online retailers miss is specifications on packing. We recently packed a Floor Scrubber that was won at auction in Arizona by a company in South Carolina. The proper packing requires triple corrugated boxing.

Most boxes you can buy are single corrugate, in some instances you can buy double corrugated boxes, but triple corrugate is hard to come by. Now if this item is boxed really nice in a good strong double corrugated box but got damaged the carrier would claim it was not properly packed because the rules stated triple corrugate and it was not packed to specifications so the carrier has no liability in the damage.

Be sure to understand all the details of an agreement to ship an item before you sell it on eBay or Amazon. Call our eCommerce specialist toll Free at 855-474-4685  
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