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Gateway Optimum Transportation is a licensed Motor Carrier (MC-907143-C) that offers full service trucking and freight management services to our clients which include: local (Arizona) Pick Up and Delivery, Hot Shot, Full Truckload (FT), Less Than Truckload (LTL) and Freight Brokerage Services to anywhere in the contiguous United States, Canada and Mexico. In other words if we can't haul it, we have a network that can.

The Gateway OT is a full service logistics provider for both commercial and residential customers as well as government agencies and large multinational organizations. Gateway Crate and Freight offers professional packing and a  full range of trucking services offered for single items, pallets, small and large moves, partial loads, less than truckload and full truckload shipping.
State of the art technology that incorporates mobile phone device applications are used by our local drivers to ensure proper dispatch times and direct monitoring of your freight. Pickup and delivery with a time stamp picture through the drivers mobile phone camera is available to our clients.
Gateway Crate and Freight has the local experience to provide seamless trucking services. From road construction delays to equipment capacity crunches we are informed and knowledgeable to ensure success for any of your trucking needs on a day to day basis.

Nationwide Truckload Services

We are not the largest Truckload Service provider but we have drivers that drive for Gateway O.T that provide direct service and support for our clients. We feature newly purchased 53' Van Air Ride equipment for a few lanes that may work great for you.

If you are looking for personalized service between Arizona and Southern (Los Angeles) and Northern California (Bay area) and back we have many scheduled direct trucks via 26' Air Ride Straight trucks with Lift Gate services to and from those areas.

Padded van move service or freight cargo delivery service, we can go direct for you in these lanes.

L.T.L Services
Gateway partners with the best LTL freight companies in the business. We constantly monitor performance and rates and require the highest standards of our carriers. We offer our discounted rates to clients in an online TMS that also offers value added services from the LTL carriers that include residential, lift gate and trade show pickup and delivery options.

Courier Services

Our Fleet of vehicles includes cargo vans for quick, economical and efficient deliveries local pickup and deliveries. We utilize a number of different vehicle options for our local pickups and deliveries that includes 16' and 26' truck equipment.

Quote, book, dispatch and freight rate audit your less than truckload shipments online. 
Hot Shot Shipping Express Freight
Gateway Crate and Freight provides a solid Hot Shot service utilizing Non-CDL equipment from 26' Hino lift gate box truck (Can handle 10k weight or less) down to multiple trailer types pulled by our pickup truck/van fleet.

Although our most requested lanes are Phoenix to Southern California and back. We regularly run a truck from Chandler AZ to Ontario CA once a week. We have run Express Hot Shot runs for clients into New Mexico, Nevada, Texas and Colorado.

Sprinter Van Cargo Van Express Moves
Gateway Crate and Freight also utilizes cargo vans to move highly sensitive materials and fragile, high valued materials such as artwork and calibrated machinery.

Cargo Vans are great to move these types of materials. We have also used cargo vans to run express, time sensitive shipments. If you have smaller, valuable items that are best moved with less handling, its best to load and move in one shipment.

We have a number of clients who prefer this type of transport and don't mind paying the extra to ship direct with no handling. Gateway OT also utilizes a 2" PE foam floor pad to supply extra protection to the items we transport. 

When we have extra space on our Hot Shot runs take advantage of our discounted rates! Call today 855-474-4685

Value Added Services for our Clients
Full Truckload Cross Dock
Gateway Crate and Freight is part of the Gateway Optimum Transportation network allowing us to provide deeply discounted rates for our clients with Truckload (TL) and Less Than Truckload (LTL) carriers.

We picked up a truckload of copiers and finishers in Ohio for a client who has been shipping LTL and TL with us for over 3 years now. The Gateway Optimum Truckload rate was better than any rate he could get through the load boards or brokers and he had an issue with the delivery. He needed lift gate service for these 40 copiers and finishers. His business has no dock or forklift.

As a full service 3 PL we were able to get him the great TL rate he wanted and provide him with a cross dock service that worked perfect. The Gateway Crate and Freight site unloaded the copiers from the 53' Van Air Ride equipment and made two trips in our 24' lift gate truck to deliver his copiers the same day.

Gateway Optimum Transportation and Gateway Crate and Freight services may be just what you need to get the job done efficiently and afford ably. We have the logistics solutions that work for every size company. 
Gateway OT provides trucking services for local, regional, national as well as Canada and Mexico cartage. We have the network to ensure capacity for your important move.
in this business people insure against loss...we ensure for success 
Machines Cross Docked
Unloaded Copiers loading to smaller lift gate equipment
Lift Gate Truck Delivery
Loaded copiers into lift gate truck
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