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Barrier Bags

When you need the utmost protection for your ocean shipment, just a step above VCI wrapping your item, is the Humidity-Moisture Barrier Bag. The metallic film of the MIL-PRF-131K spec bags along with our MIL-D-3464 desiccant is the perfect packaging environment for your valuable items.

Gateways Moisture Barrier bags are custom made to fit your custom equipment. These bags, sometimes referred to as foil bags or Mylar bags are the perfect protection against corrosion caused by humidity, moisture, oxygen, salt and airborne contaminants that can be present during ocean transportation.

We heat seal our bags when pulling the air out of it to allow the desiccant to start protecting the items we bag. This process works great on industrialized machinery, medical equipment and computer equipment. Check out some of our jobs below:
Custom Heat Sealed Electronics 
Packing Equipment
These two used electronics cabinets were purchased by a manufacturer overseas who wanted to ensure their purchases were protected during ocean transport. 

After discussing the difference between VCI wrap protections and Moisture Barrier Bagging the customer chose to pay the extra charges for the custom barrier bags with desiccant and heat sealing.

The electronics in the cabinets were packaged to allow minimum movement, once this took place the bottom piece of our MIL-PRF-131K was placed down and the machine sat on top.

The custom bag was made with exact DIMs of 62X68X89 and this was placed over the first cabinet and the desiccant bags were than added into the bag. The Gateway associate then uses an industrial heat sealing tool to seal the bag together (First pic right). Another vacuum tool is then used to suck the air out of the bag before sealing in total.

Blocking and bracing wood is then added to the crate to lock in the bagged equipment. For large, heavy equipment like this it is important to add protection in the crate to prevent the item from moving in the crate.

The first of two crates was then weighed and ready to ship.

If you have items that need the protection of Barrier Bagging give our experts a call for a free Quote for this service.

Gateway Crate and Freight facilities are IPPC certified.

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