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Electronics Packing and Shipping

Electronics Shipping
Audio and Video electronics have delicate parts and circuitry that need to be protected from damage when shipping. Gateway Crate and Freight has packaged hundreds of electrical devices and components over the years. We provide Arizona with professional packing and crating services for your valuable electronics.

Shipping valuable electronic components is an area we specialize in. We have packed and shipped for a number of businesses that utilize these devices. Moving your call center? Upgrading your audiophile room and sold the old equipment? Selling audio or video electrical equipment on eBay? 

The packing and shipping professionals at Gateway Crate and Freight have decades of experience in shipping valuable electronics all over the world. Shipping power supplies, batteries, monitors, regulators, lasers, capacitors, resisters and all forms of PCAs. We have the experience in professionally packing and shipping audio, video and any and all electronically powered equipment. 

Know how to protect your investment?

E.S.D or Electrostatic Discharge is a problem many electronic devices need to avoid when shipping. Sensitive devices need to be protected during shipping, handling and storage. We use anti static packing materials to control the buildup of frictional and triboelectric charging of packs due to rubbing together during transit. By using electrostatic shielding packing materials we try to eliminate the chances of damaging valuable equipment.

If you have valuable electronics that need to be packed and shipped professionally, give us a call today 855-474-4685. 

High End Speaker Enclosures

Speaker Shipping
Arizona is a hotbed for audiophile electronics and these speakers are a valuable high-end set requiring the best protection when shipping across the country.

Another repeat customer brought these speakers by our Tempe pack and ship facility asking us to ensure they get to the recipient in Wisconsin in perfect condition. 

To do this we had to fully crate the speakers, although the cost is a bit higher then boxing and palletizing these, the customer wanted a full crate to provide the best protection.

We wrapped the cabinetry in a sheet foam and then shrink wrapped the foam in place. The cabinet was then put in the crate with 1" EP foam insert strips to keep the package from the sides of the crate.

A foam base was also in place to reduce the vibration while traveling via L.T.L Freight truck to its destination. These were then shipped via our L.T.L partner R+L Carriers.

Gateway crate and freight has a number of economical and safe ways to package and ship your most valuable items, whether its high end electronics like these speakers or fragile artwork or glassware, we can help you fond the right mix of packing and transportation service to save you money and get the job done right. 

We stock a large variety of packing and woodworking materials to ensure we can pack your items with the best protection and get the smallest dimensions possible to save on the freight expense. Utilizing our volume discounts through Gateway Optimum Transportation allows us to get you the best rate and service in the industry. Check out our electronics page for more info 

Crate and Ship MRI Electronics
MRI Machine Crate
When shipping high priced electronic components its important to ensure protection of the circuits from damage from the elements, other freight and from ESD electrostatic discharge build up.

Gateway Crate and Freight has packed numerous electronic components for companies and individuals like this medical MRI Cylinder and we take great care when designing the package and the method of shipping for these items.

Certain components either because of high value or fragility require a full wood crate. Sometimes the most important step is blocking and bracing the item in the crate. Yes the crate is important in protecting your product from other freight but the item needs to also be protected from the crate.

Foam placed blocking and bracing an item so it doesn't move in the crate no matter how much the crate is moved, tipped or dropped is crucial for a successful shipment.

There are many different methods to pack and ship an item. We evaluate the commodity, the way it needs to be shipped, for example this item needed a little extra care so we ensured transfer of this crate on air ride equipment rather than in a regular LTL trailer.

This crate shipped from Arizona to Wisconsin and arrived to the customer with no issues on arrival. Another happy customer who chose to ship their valuable freight with Gateway O.T we have shipped a number of other items for this customer including imaging power sources and computer servers.

Give us a call if you have specialty electronics that need to be correctly packed and shipped. Toll Free 855-474-4685 
HDTV Pack and Ship 80" Flatscreen Television

HDTV Shipping
Shipping an 80" Flat screen HDTV from Arizona to Florida is no easy task, but if you build a custom crate with ample foam protection the TV will arrive in perfect shape, like our February shipment of the month did.

A combination of materials was used to pack and ship this large fragile and valuable piece of electronics. This particular TV we decided to wrap in a moving blanket. The moving blanket surrounds the TV and is shrink wrapped.

We then wrapped the blanket in 1" bubble wrap. The top, side and bottom of the crate is lined with a 2" Polyethylene foam to provide high shock absorption for the TV.

The front and back are covered by a 1" Polystyrene foam to provide a tight fit in the crate to prevent any movement. 

The shipping of this A Frame crate was via a carrier who provides Air Ride Trailer equipment. Be very careful when shipping valuable electronics and fragile items via a regular LTL carrier. Regular trailers are not equipped with shocks so any big bump can cause your equipment to be damaged.

Gateway Crate and Freight provides the optimum combination of packing and transportation for any item you ship. In this instance we had a very economical rate with an Air Ride carrier that provided extra protection while traveling across country.

We are quite proud of our packaging and think that we provided enough packaging with a standard LTL carrier but shipping Air Ride gave us one more layer of protection and confidence in shipping this item to its owner.
Need to ship your valuable Flat Screen TV? Give us a call 855-474-4685 We will discuss all of the options you have available to you for packing and shipping including insurance for free.

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Tube Amplifier Pack and Ship
Amplifier Shipping
Protecting a Tube Amplifier takes a lot of packaging to ensure the tubes are resistant to vibration and shock. We put this amplifier in a anti static poly bag and then surrounded it in a 1" PE foam to provide cushion.

For added protection the foam encased amplifier was boxed and slat crated (wood frame, scrap plywood added) to protect it from other freight.

We pack and ship many amplifiers for this client who sells high end audio electronics like McIntosh and Nakamitchi online to audiophiles. We have packed and shipped audio amplifiers, receivers, speakers and more for his online store on EBay.

He has sold to both domestic and international clients and we have packed and shipped all of them. He would gladly recommend our services to you.

Give us a call Toll Free 855-474-4685 for a free estimate today

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