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Computers and Peripherals Packing and Shipping

Computer Shipping
Computers, monitors and their peripherals have delicate parts and circuitry that need to be protected from damage when shipping. Gateway Crate and Freight has packaged hundreds of computers and their peripherals...just in this one shipment! Arizona packing and crating services for your valuable computer electronics.

E.S.D or Electrostatic Discharge is a problem many electronic devices need to avoid when shipping. Sensitive devices need to be protected during shipping, handling and storage. We use anti static packing materials to control the buildup of frictional and triboelectric charging of packs due to rubbing together during transit. By using electrostatic shielding packing materials we try to eliminate the chances of damaging valuable equipment.

Shipping computer network routers, servers and computer towers is an area we specialize in. We have packed and shipped a number of businesses that utilize these devices. Moving your call center? Upgrading your computer equipment and sold the old equipment? Selling computer equipment on eBay? 

If you have computer towers, servers and routers that need to be packed and shipped professionally, give us a call today 855-474-4685. 

Computer Server Crating
Server Pack
When the Town of Gilbert, AZ needed one of their computer servers repaired they turned to Gateway Crate and Freight to package, crate and ship them.

To protect the fragile components inside we relied on designing a foam bottom to the crate to minimize the vibrations during ground transport. We packaged the server in a plastic bag to keep particulates out of the interior and off of the components.

Although the wood crate is a great way to protect valuable equipment like this from getting damaged by other freight, it still has particulates such as dirt and sawdust that may get into the computer.

Foam bracing utilizing 2" PE was placed around the server again to cushion it while traveling and minimizing its movement in the crate.

The final crate design was built to allow to be attached to a smaller pallet making ti easy to move during shipping and prohibiting the ability to tip the server on its side or ship it any way other than standing in its upright and correct position.

Gateway Crate and Freight has years of experience in designing quality packing to ensure your computers, servers, routers and peripherals arrive to their transported destinations safely and securely.

Our affordable discounted freight rates allow us to pass the transportation savings on to you wherever in the world you need to ship your items.
Peripherals Pack and Ship
Pack and Ship Peripherals
Palletize Peripherals
We packed and shipped an entire call center that was moving to another state. The peripherals for this job included keyboards, mice, monitors and their stands as well as wiring.

Palletizing these items and shrink wrapped them allowed us to pack these items into a D container. The D container or Gaylord box was double corrugated. We carefully stacked and packed all peripherals in a manner where we could shrink wrap and keep the items protected from each other.

The manner in which we packed and shipped these allowed the company to save money over standard movers.

Gateway Crate and Freight has done a number of relocation's for centers that rely heavily on computer networks. Shipping large server racks, small circuit boards as well as the network cable and wiring.

Ensuring proper packaging for this type of electronic equipment is important.  We offer quality packing services utilizing the best materials for every customer.
Packing Server
Bagged Server
Server Crated
Server Crated to be Palletized
Routers Pack and Ship
Cisco Routers to Pack and Ship
Anti Static Peanuts Box
Anti static peanuts Double Boxed
Shipping Routers
Routers Double Boxed to Ship

We G.O.T. you coved for all of your Computer Packing and Shipping needs